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4WD Jumper Starters for Sale

Many factors can lead to a flat battery. Age, outside temperature, type of battery and using electronic accessories without the engine running. Any combination of these can lead to your battery draining below what is required to start your car. If you are a person who likes to head far off the beaten track with their vehicle, it’s a no-brainer that a portable 4WD jump starter pack is an essential piece of equipment.

How much power does my 4WD jump starter need?

The amperage of the jump starter pack will determine the size of the engine you can jump start. However, even though different cars have the same engine capacity, the cranking currents required to start it may differ. Here is a rough guide on how many amps you need based on engine size.

Engine Size Petrol Engine Diesel Engine
4 Cylinder 200A 400A
6 Cylinder 250A 500A
8 Cylinder 300A 700A

Before you decide on a 4WD jump starter pack, be sure to check the vehicle’s owner manual and battery to find the correct amperage to use.

However, it is a good idea to buy the most powerful jump starter you can get. Using a 1000A jumper starter pack on a battery that only requires 600A won’t damage either system. On the other hand, using a 600A starter on an engine that requires 1000A will not have the juice to start the vehicle.

Voltage for jump starter packs

Be sure to check the voltage of the jump starter pack and your battery. Most vehicle batteries and jump starters use 12 volts. Some older batteries use six volts, while some heavy vehicles such as large trucks use 24-volt batteries. Using a different voltage jump starter with a different voltage engine may destroy the battery and jump starter if used.

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