4WD Fridges & Coolers


4WD Fridges and Coolers for Sale

Portable 4WD fridges operate similarly to your fridge at home. They feature thick insulated walls to keep your food chilled as you travel the countryside. 4WD fridges use an internal compressor to chill the air within the cooler and are primarily powered by your vehicle’s battery. Some models also offer a 240V adapter for use on powered sites and mains electricity.

Keep in mind that like many other 4WD products, a higher quality, branded fridge is more likely to last far longer than a knockoff fridge. Look for a 4WD fridge from brands like: EvaKool, Techni Ice, Engel and Waeco.

Do I need a dual zone fridge and freezer?

Although far pricier and power hungry compared to a standard 4WD fridge, a dual zone fridge is able to operate separate compartments at different temperatures. This allows you to set one side of your unit as a fridge and the other as a freezer. This is especially helpful for storing frozen goods such as meat away from chilled products like milk and vegetables.

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