Regal Caravans


The Regal approach

What does more than 30 years in the industry get you? A fine-tuned approach to caravan manufacturing unlike any other. Specialising in caravan and RV customisation, Regal developed their unique 4-step Total Luxury service to help you take the reins on the design and budget of your caravan build, with Regal’s pro team guiding and advising the whole way.

Choose a size, floor plan, colour scheme and appliance and from there it’s up to Regal’s talented technicians to bring the vision to life, by hand, in the north Melbourne factory.

The Aussie Series

On top of its best-in-class custom caravans, Regal offers a range of standard models to suit every type of adventure and budget. The on-road models include the Cruiser, Tourer and Luxury, which increase in axle size and come in different bed configurations, while the Aussie Tracker brings a bit of off-road resilience into the mix.

An RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer

Each Regal van is built to spec and quality controlled at every step to ensure it rolls off the factory floor faultless, but the brand also undergoes independent auditing. It’s an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer and proudly displays the accreditation key on all their vehicles.

Regal caravans on Australia’s caravan and camping marketplace

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