Millard Caravans


About Millard caravans

Millard has been teeing caravanners up with their dream home-on-wheels for 70 years. They know Australia’s varied and often harsh touring conditions inside out, and it shows in their fleet of locally built semi off-road, full off-road and slide on caravans.

They also know Australia’s caravanners are cut from all kinds of cloth, which is why you’ll find an impressive range of sizes, layouts, features and customisation options across their core caravan categories.

Meet the Millard range

Toura: Millard’s semi off-road caravan takes strength and build quality up a peg and features Australian materials so you know it’s up to the task. Crafted in house, Toura comes in full van, bunk and pop top models and is kitted out with the latest and greatest when it comes to appliances, safety features, fixtures and luxury items.

Breakaway: Full van or pop top, Millard’s offroad caravan goes where other caravans can’t. From the chassis to the galvanized underfloor sheeting, Breakaway is specifically engineered to take the varied terrain in its stride, giving you confidence and peace of mind when the going gets tough.

Slide on: Want to turn your flat tray ute into your next home away from home? Light and strong, Millard’s slide ons strike the perfect balance between caravan life and easy, economical travel. There’s no additional registration costs, and minimal maintenance required. With a slide-on, you’ve got the flexibility to tow a boat or trailer too. Layouts for the Millard Slide On are varied and customisable to suit your budget and needs, with shower and non-shower models.

An RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer

Millard’s caravans are independently regulated so you know they meet strict design and manufacturing standards. You’ll find the accreditation key proudly displayed on all their vehicles.