Jayco Australia


That’s Freedom

Did you know that almost half of all RVs (that includes, all types of caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers and campervans) sold in Australia are made by Jayco? Well, you may be even more surprised that a new Jayco rolls off the production line every 12 minutes. Being such a huge part of the market means there are a number of benefits you can reap as a future owner.

1. Dealerships everywhere: From Cairns to Mildura and everywhere in between, Jayco has dealerships in most major towns and cities. This means if a problem arises, you won’t be too far from your nearest dealer.

2. Parts are plentiful: There’s always that one time where we’ve been a bit too enthusiastic with our reversing and something gets broken. With so many Jaycos on the road, spare parts are not hard to find.

3. Roadside Assistance: So you’ve had an accident involving your Jayco and you’re stuck on the side of the highway. The closest dealership is a 100km away and you won’t be able to hobble your way to it, what do you do? Well with three years free roadside assistance on any new Jayco, you just call them up, and they’ll help you out. Easy as that.

The Jayco Range


Over the years, Jayco has gone from just making caravans, to sticking their fingers in every piece of the RV pie. They now make everything from pop top caravans, toy haulers, motorhomes, camper trailers and of course caravans. This means Jayco has something for everyone, whatever your next adventure holds!

But, before you go running off to buy your next Jayco, we reckon our new and used caravan buyers guides are worth a look. Alternatively, if you are thinking about a camper trailer, we have a buyer's guide for those too!