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Giant Outdoor gear


Giant Cycling Products

Currently one of the largest and most recognised bike companies around the world, whatever your level or style of riding, there is a Giant bike to fit you. With manufacturing facilities in its home country of Taiwan, China and the Netherlands, Giant sold bikes in over 50 countries in 2014.

Giant began by producing framesets for Schwinn in the US, as a reliable original equipment manufacturer. Schwinn made the move to manufacturing bikes using China Bicycle Company in ’87, and Giant was left to form its own line of Giant branded bikes.
Giant extended its reach to the European market, teaming up with Dutch cycling company Koga-Miyata, creating ‘Giant Europe.’ Giant is now the full shareholder of Giant Europe, and sells bikes in over 12,000 retail stores worldwide.

Giant Innovation

The first sloping bicycle wit compact frameset can be attributed to the minds of the designers and engineers at Giant. The Compact Road Design is still used as the standard frame shape today, and has been adopted by many other cycling manufacturers who saw the benefits of a smaller rear triangle and sloping top tube.

Giant’s Total Compact Road (TCR) frame is now used on a number of their bike models and crafted using the most advanced materials such as super lightweight carbon-fibre. Giant continues to innovate for the world of mountain bikers out there also. In 2006, they released the Maestro Suspension system which they claim allows the rear wheel of the bike to travel vertically, reducing the amount of bounce the rider experiences at the pedals, providing a tighter, yet comfortable ride.

Giant Cycling Products

Giant has expanded to produce a huge range of cycling related products, from the bikes themselves, to individual components, accessories and clothing. Liv is Giant’s full range of female cycling products that aims to provide gear that is designed specifically for the female form and women’s requirements. Liv has since established itself as a powerful brand in its own right, sponsoring race teams and promoting the growth of the female cycling community.

Giant Bikes

There is a wide range of Giant bikes out there tailored to a number of markets, and individual riders with individual needs. Giant aims to get more and more people out there on the bike, offering bikes at a range of price points, from basic entry level bikes and kid’s bikes, right up to high end road and mountain bike racing machines. They produce commuters, hybrids, e-bikes, and cyclocross bikes, enabling anyone to ride a Giant.

Giant Sponsorship

Working closely with international professional riders means that Giant is able to develop products that not only perform to the highest standard, but that they are currently looking to improve upon the latest designs and technologies. Giant currently sponsors team across multiple racing disciplines. On the road they sponsor Giant-Alpecin Race Team, and on the trail, Giant Factory Off-Road Team.