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Caribee Outdoor gear


Caribee Backpacks, Sleeping Bags & Outdoor Gear for Sale

Named after a species of Piranha from South America known colloquially as the Caribe, Caribee is a brand that has worked hard to build a reputation as hardy and driven as this little species of fish from the other side of the world. And Caribee products are no different.

Caribee HQ is located right here in Australia, not far from Sydney CBD. A 6,000 square metre complex produces outdoor gear and manages shipping orders and stock levels for Australia. They’ve since expanded into China as well establishing a second complex in Yangzhou to meet the demands of the international market.

Caribee Gear for a Range of Outdoor Activities

Hikers, rock climbers, backpackers – people who love to explore the outdoors choose Caribee products for their reliability, sturdy construction and reasonable price point. At our online marketplace you can browse Caribee products from retailers and private sellers throughout Australia, concentrating your search based on colour, price, condition, and in the case of backpacks, capacity.

Caribee Backpacks for Sale at Outdoria

Constructed to last, Caribee backpacks are made from modern materials designed to cope in any outdoor environment. Find a backpack that is just right for you at Australia’s online marketplace for outdoor gear. The best thing about shopping online at Outdoria is that you can browse Caribee backpacks from different retailers throughout Australia, widening the scope of your search for the right one.

Caribee packs are available in a range of capacities from as small as 8 litres, right up to 90 litre carry bags. Packs differ by style and function, so whether you are going hiking, or just looking for a bag for your next holiday, you’ll find it here. For the cyclists and hikers out there, Caribee produces hydration bags that are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for extended physical activity.

Camping Gear from Caribee

They don’t just make great packs. Caribee produces a range of sleeping bags constructed to perform in warm Australian conditions, or in freezing alpine environments. Bags are weighted for different temperature ranges so it’s easy to find a sleeping bag suited to your next destination.

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