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You’d be forgiven for thinking Jake Burton made the first snowboard, plenty of people still do. While he didn’t construct the first ‘snurfer’ (as they were called in the early days) he did improve upon the design drastically, arguably tranforming the 'snurfer' into the first true snowboard, taking snowboarding into a new era and turning Burton Snowboards into the most successful snowboard company on the planet.

Since the first Burton ‘Backhill’ snowboard was produced in 1977, Burton has expanded operations and set up shop outside North America with over 4,300 stores world-wide today. Burton snowboards no longer have ropes attached to the nose…these days they make use of modern lightweight composite materials, combining boot, binding and board to make for one smooth ride.

Craig’s – Burton Snowboards Research & Development

A big factor in the growth and success of Burton Snowboards has been their emphasis on researching and developing new high performance products.

From the narrow, pointy-nosed boards of the seventies and eighties to the smooth lines we see on snowboards today, the shape of Burton snowboards has evolved, informed by the professional athletes, casual riders, and retailers who use them on the mountain.

In 2012, Burton opened their R&D factory 'Craig's' in Burlington Vermont, a 10,000 square foot facility with the sole purpose of creating protoype products and testing them. While the facility has the capacity to pump out thousands of new boards, Burton boasts the facility only makes a handful of new boards per day, focusing their efforts on innovation.

It’s this innovation that led to the creation of new designs such as the EST binding system which gets rid of the need for a central baseplate, reducing weight, and allowing for greater adjustment.

Burton Snowboards, Bindings, and Boots at Outdoria

You can shop for a snowboard alone, or you can kit yourself with boots and bindings as well at Outdoria. If you are ready to upgrade you can sell your old board, or if you are looking for a great deal, you can search and sell used Burton gear. That’s the beauty of Outdoria’s online marketplace — you can find new and used Burton products all in one place online.

It can get pretty cold shredding fresh powder all day. You’re going to need to gear up for the mountain before clipping into those bindings. Burton snowboarding jackets and pants look like they belong with your board, boots, and bindings and offer all the warmth and waterproofing you need to perform at your best all day.

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