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Yvon Chouinard set the route for Black Diamond’s success when he began forging pitons at home in the 1950’s. One of the lead protagonists in the success story of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley in the 50s and 60s, Yvon’s skill on the wall translated to a skill in building gear, and soon other climbers were buying Chouinard Equipment from the stall he would set up in the boot of his car in Yosemite.

But Chouinard Equipment ran into trouble and filed for bankruptcy in ’89. Former employees – led by then CEO Peter Metcalf – bought the company and re-branded as Black Diamond, taking the company into a new era of success.

Since then Black Diamond has moved from Ventura California to Salt Lake City in Utah, has expanded its operations with global offices now in Switzerland and China, and is owned today by Black Diamond Inc., originally known as Clarus Corporation.

Black Diamond Innovation and Technologies

Black Diamond outdoor gear has continually helped climbers, hikers, alpinists, and explorers push the limits of what humans can achieve. The development of new technologies and the ongoing evolution of established, successful gear has brought about some of the biggest advances in outdoor gear to date.

They reinvented the carabiner with the Magnetron Locking Carabiner (which, funnily enough, makes use of magnets), and introduced a new style of camming device to the climbing world which they called the Camalot. Spring loaded for creating anchor points in crevices and cracks, the Camalot is still used on big climbs to this day.

They do more than just make climbing gear these days. Black Diamond develops equipment for skiers, hikers, campers, and alpine explorers all around the world. And they are really good at it because they are hikers, climbers, campers and skiers too.

Range of Black Diamond Outdoor Gear at Outdoria

At Outdoria, you’ll find used Black Diamond gear from private sellers choosing to sell their gear at a great price, and shiny, brand-new equipment from trusted retailers Australia-wide.

Whether you are looking for a new tent to keep you warm in alpine conditions, climbing tools and aids to add to your rack, one of the best head torches money can buy, or a backpack to carry it all in, Outdoria is the place to find Black Diamond gear in Australia.

The best thing about shopping with Outdoria? You can have your new gear sent straight to your house, or pick it up from a Black Diamond dealer near you.

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