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Aqua Lung Underwater Dive Gear for Sale

Named after Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan’s revolutionary re-design of the underwater breathing apparatus, Aqua Lung now designs and produces dive regulator systems and SCUBA diving gear out of the United States.

In the early 1940s, the race was on to perfect underwater diving equipment. The main problem with technologies of the day being that they did not allow a diver enough time beneath the surface. Working with Emile Gagnan, an engineer at Air Liquide, Cousteau sought to develop a new and improved system, one that would dramatically increase potential dive time. Cousteau and Gagnan’s first system called the CG45, is the predecessor to modern day open-circuit diving systems. S.C.U.B.A diving has never been the same since.

The Aqua Lung, as it was coined, has gone through many iterations over the years. Today, the term refers to a wider variety of diving equipment made by the company of the same name: Aqua Lung, designer and manufacturer of some of the best diving equipment available.

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Aqua Lung Range of Dive Gear

Aqua Lung dive gear is painstakingly researched and developed in order to ensure that the products that are delivered are of the highest possible quality, and therefore meet the demands of underwater diving’s strict safety standards. The challenge for diving equipment manufacturers is to create products that not only do the job perfectly, but that are intuitive and easy for recreational divers to use. Once you have the proper training, you’ll have no trouble using Aqua Lung’s range of underwater diving equipment.

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Find Your New Dive Gear at Outdoria

Outdoria is the online marketplace for all of your outdoor gear needs in Australia. Browse Aqua Lung products and equipment using our sophisticated search engine, saving time in the search for that new addition to your diving kit. Whether you are just building your first set of dive gear, or you are an experienced diver looking to upgrade, and sell your well looked-after kit, you can do it all at Outdoria.

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