Airstream Caravans for Sale in Australia

Are you a fan of the striking “silver bullet” travel trailer that has made US-brand Airstream famous the world over? Getting your hands on one is set to be a whole lot easier with Jayco’s network of dealers taking charge of the distribution of the Aussie-spec Airstream range.

Airstreams available in Australia have been designed and manufactured specifically for the local market and to meet Australian regulations, so you can be sure your new luxurious home on wheels is set to perform brilliantly in our unique climate and landscape.

The anatomy of an Airstream

Airstreams are put together by hand in a process that takes hundreds of hours more than your typical caravan, and that attention to detail and quality control results in a caravan that’s designed to perform beautifully for generations to come.

Easy and efficient towing

Airstream’s most distinctive characteristic, and one that’s been around largely unchanged for 85 years, is that perfectly riveted streamlined aluminium shell. Yes it looks awesome. But form and function are one and the same in an Airstream caravan, with the patented aerodynamic exterior delivering natural wind resistance, reduced side wind from passing vehicles, and minimal sway, which means superior fuel efficiency, and fun, safe towing when compared to other caravans in the same size category.

Great use of space

Every one of Airstream’s components contributes to a harmonious “whole”. Whether it’s the custom-cut cabinets, awning or steps, these curve-hugging elements have been inspired by automotive styling to ensure the streamlined look is carried through the whole caravan, and to ensure every bit of space has been optimised.

Vintage look for modern living

For the 85 years that Airstream’s been around, the brand has believed in making improvements, not changes. That’s why the current Airstream models have all the comforts of home, and aim to surpass all expectations when it comes to modern conveniences. The latest appliances and entertainment systems and top-notch upholstery and finishes sit flawlessly within a caravan that will always be unmistakably Airstream.

Airstream on Australia’s caravan and camping marketplace

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Airstream brand page (promo)

There’s no caravan more recognisable than an Airstream, the original manufacturer of the iconic riveted aluminium monocoque trailer. It’s been more than 85 years since the first Airstream was dreamed up, but the brand’s traditional design aesthetic and dedication to hand-crafted quality has never wavered. Throw in the latest tech advancements and modern conveniences, and you’ve got true luxury on wheels.

It takes almost six times longer to build an Airstream than the average caravan, but that attention to quality at every step is precisely why 70% of the original Airstreams built in the '30s are still kicking along on US roads today. As an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer, Australian Airstreams distributed through Jayco are also backed by independent auditing.

Top model

The 18FT Airstream has been designed and built specifically to bring Airstream’s luxurious on-road comfort and distinctive look to the Australian market. Taking over three hundred hours to put together by hand, it’s characterised by panoramic windows and a light-flooded interior that’s fitted with the plushest upholstery and custom-moulded cabinetry.

Airstream dealers near you

Love to get your hands on one of these beauties? Head to a Jayco dealership near you—the official partner and Australian distributor of the iconic Airstream caravan range.