What’s expected of Sellers?

To ensure you get high returns from your listings, as well as provide Buyers with a great online experience, we’d like to outline some basic requirements, and make some suggestions on how to get the most out of the platform.

Basic requirements:

To help create comfortable, reliable and efficient experiences for Buyers, all Sellers must meet the below basic requirements:

Be responsive

Responding quickly when Buyers reach out shows that you’re an attentive and considerate Seller. The speed and frequency of your responses to Product requests and enquiries are measured by your response rate. We ask Sellers to respond to these types of requests within 24 hours.

Accept Product requests

No Buyer likes to have to send multiple requests to find an available Product, so we expect that if you receive a request you make every effort to work with the Buyer as quickly and effectively as possible.

Avoid cancelling on Buyers

We take cancellations seriously and ask all Sellers to avoid cancelling on Buyers – their plans depend on it! We ask that you please avoid cancelling confirmed Sales unless there are extenuating circumstances. Sellers who make repeated cancellations will be subject to penalties.

We reserve the right to vary Seller Standards at any time without notice. We will provide existing Sellers with 14 days’ notice of any material changes.

Seller Standards

All Sellers are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality Products. They endeavour to make sure that all listings on GoSeeAustralia.com.au & Outdoria.com.au (The Site) are current and pricing is valid and correct at the time of offering.

What’s Expected:

  • Complete and Accurate inventory & information about Products maintained at all times

  • Provide best available price on all Products listed on The Site

  • Orders picked and dispatched within five business days of receipt

  • Sellers have 24 hours to respond to Buyer and Product requests before the request expires

  • Refunds approved within 48 hours of item being returned to the Seller

  • Maintain and manage Seller-specific Terms and Conditions in GoSeeAustralia & Outdoria account under ‘My Policies’

  • Retail Sellers who regularly let Product requests expire, or repeatedly decline Sales, may be removed from The Site at our discretion

  • Sellers are friendly and welcoming to Buyers

  • Sellers are to ensure that payment of associated Fees for the use of The Site are paid on time. Late or non-payment may result in removal from The Site


  • Be proactive in your communication so Buyers know you’re available. Reach out early to coordinate plans when available

  • If you confirm a Sale and something about your listing changes, tell the Buyer as soon as possible and update your listing for the next Buyer

  • Keep your availability loaded for as long as possible. If you have a seasonal Product, load your availability for the next year before you close up for the season. More listings create more Sales!Today's online shoppers expect fast delivery and good communication so always be aware of the enquiries that come through and respond promptly

Requests to Book

What’s Expected:

  • Sellers have 24 hours to respond to Request to Book before the request expires

  • Provide best available price to all Requests

  • Retail Sellers who regularly let Requests to Book expire or decline too many Requests may be removed from The Site at Our discretion

  • Sellers who are a part of the Request to Book program will not attempt to complete the Sale off-Site. Sellers who are found to be attempting to take Sales off the Site may be removed from The Site at Our discretion


  • Faster responses will increase the chance of Sales conversions!

  • Always ensure the contact details on your account are accurate and up to date

  • Refer to the simple, easy to use process we have in place for how to engage with the Request to Book product

  • If you are ever unsure of how to use the product, update your details or have suggestions of how we can make it easier for you, please reach out to your dedicated account manager for further assistance. We are always happy to help!

Shipping Standards

What’s Expected:

  • Ship all orders within five business days of receipt

  • Maintain a 95% fulfilment rate

  • Longer lead times for custom made items must be communicated on the product page and updated under ‘My Policies’ in your Outdoria Account

  • Ship all orders in safe and secure packaging to prevent damage in transit

  • Send a shipping notification as soon as any order is dispatched.

  • Remember payment won’t be released until the order is marked as ‘Sent’ in the system.

  • Delivery to customers needs to be undertaken by a reputable service capable of meeting the delivery standards, within seven business days of dispatch Australia-wide

  • Provide tracking numbers via shipping notification emails on the platform

  • All sellers are required to clearly disclose the shipping rate to customers on the product listing page for every item they list on The Site


  • We understand that from time to time things can go wrong in the fulfilment process. Be proactive with your communication if you cannot meet the above expectations – don’t wait for customer complaints. We are always happy to help

  • Buyers will consider the total cost of an item including delivery. This means postage in an area you can be very competitive

  • Shipping costs are one of the biggest barriers to buying online and Buyers will consider the total cost of an item including delivery, so keeping your shipping costs competitive will help to deliver better conversion, provide an avenue to be competitive and encourage repeat purchases

Managing Returns & Refunds

What’s Expected:

To improve conversion, build trust with our customers, and improve your Seller rating, you are required to:

  • Advise return address details for shipping upon registration on The Site

  • All sellers must specify a returns policy

  • Meet all Australian consumer law and associated regulations in respect to accepting return of faulty or inferior products or services

  • Manage all refunds through the Outdoria or GoSeeAustralia Seller portal or by contacting your account manager to ensure your commission is refunded correctly and records of returns are accurately maintained

  • Refund a customer any postage cost they have incurred if they receive the wrong item or a faulty item

  • If you believe the item returned to you has been damaged by the customer, or is not the item you sent to them originally, please contact your account manager rather than the customer directly


  • A flexible returns policy can help build customer confidence and attract more buyers

  • When writing your returns policy, consider the return window, the cost of return postage and the accepted condition of the returned item

Product Listing Standards

The Site is a home for Sellers of quality Product, and Buyers expect a consistent standard when it comes to the way we present product online.

What’s Expected:

  • Images and Product attributes need to meet the following standards to be published online:

  • Minimum of one image per Product

  • For Product shots, the primary image must be on white background where appropriate (RGB 255 255 255)

  • Images must be: File size = lower than 32MB File type = .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG and .WEBP

  • A minimum size of 1000px x 1000px

  • All images of the listed item must be of the Product/Service itself or the Product in use

  • No images are to contain Seller contact details, pricing, text overlays, watermarks or advertising material

  • All mandatory Product attributes are required for a Product listing to go live No duplicate listings to increase awareness across the site


  • Use a variety of high-quality photos with captions and write a detailed description of the Product

  • Provide information that addresses situations that will matter to Buyers. Your rules can provide clarity around what you do and don’t allow, like smoking, pets or even call out some of the features which make your Product unique!

  • Select the category that’s most relevant to your item. Choose from our suggested categories or browse categories to find the most appropriate

  • Consider listing in two categories to reach more Buyers

  • Complete item specifics such as brand, size, type, colour and material. This helps buyers to filter search results using these variations. Item specifics also appear at the top of your listing description in a consistent format, giving buyers a clear overview of your item

  • A great photo offers a clear and accurate representation of your Product. Including quality images of your item is essential to attracting customers, conveying product condition and building Buyer confidence

  • The more clear, crisp and attractive pictures you show, the easier it is for Buyers to find your listing and make purchase decisions

  • Remove all graffiti and watermarks (a picture, a border, an icon, a logo or text that is overlaid on a product image)

  • Capture as much information as possible including size, imperfections, and all important details of your Product


The Outdoria team!