Royal Flair Caravans was established in 1975 by the Deralas family. With over 70 years’ industry experience, Royal Flair are now market leaders in the design and fabrication of high-quality, Aussie-made caravans. Royal Flair’s latest range of caravans gives you the freedom to go farther than ever before. Field-tested in some of the most hostile environments Australia has to offer, you’ll never be restricted by time or season. Don’t settle for average. Whether you’re heading deep into the bush or across the outback, Royal Flair will make it happen.

RVMAP Acceditation Key

Royal Flair Caravans is an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer and proudly displays the accreditation key on all their vehicles.

Top models

Royal Flair's impressive fleet ranges from tough go-anywhere 4x4 models such as the AussieMate and Raptor, to designer and luxury series caravans such as the Piazza and the Van Royce. Browse Royal Flair Caravans for sale on Outdoria's camping and caravanning marketplace.