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What to Wear Camping

December 10, 2015
What to Wear Camping

When you’re heading out on a camping trip, you have many things to consider, including your tent, your food, your tools and utensils. However, it’s also worth putting some thought into the clothes you’re going to wear for camping. No, it’s not a fashion show, but you want to choose clothes that are comfortable and adapted to being in the bush. You want to be ready for all situations. Being unprepared for the elements can ruin a camping trip for you and your family. Here at Outdoria, we know a thing or two about camping, so we put together our list of the best types of clothes for camping.

Feet First

To start, think about your feet. When you’re out camping, you likely have some kilometres to cover. If your feet are uncomfortable, you won’t be inclined to get out and explore. Think about what you’ll be doing while camping when you’re choosing your footwear:

Sturdy hiking boots are a necessity for hiking. Pick a high-rise model that gives some support around your ankles if you’re going to be walking on a lot of uneven terrain.

Lightweight shoes designed to drain water are a great invention. These are the best shoes if you’ll be out for early morning walks, if you’re out in rainy season or if you’re near lakes and rivers.

Thongs and sandals should be avoided as they don’t provide proper support for walking along rough ground. They also won’t protect you if you walk through thick brush or encounter insects, spiders or snakes.

Clothing Makes the Camper

If you’ve camped before, you know how important comfort is. Clothes that are too tight or that aren’t adapted to the climate you’re in can be a nuisance. If you’re out for more than a day, you should make sure your clothes are suited to your camping trip.

Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics designed to wick away moisture. Always plan to have a warm jacket or sweater. Even on hot summer days, the nights can be surprisingly cool.

Instead of wearing thick clothes, choose multiple layers instead. That way you can remove or add layers as necessary throughout the day.

Quick-dry clothes are perfect for camping. They can be rinsed out or washed, and then left to dry in the sun. They are ready for use a few hours later.

Many outdoor clothing brands offer clothes designed for protection from wind, rain, UV rays and even insects. You can choose the clothing best adapted to your location and season.


You don’t need to bring a fancy necklace or a trendy jacket to complete your camping clothing list. However, there are still a few accessories to consider bringing when you’re choosing what to wear for camping:

  • Socks: sport socks with grips on the soles can help you feel more sure-footed in your boots when you’re doing serious hiking. Other types of socks keep your feet cool when the temperature rises.

  • Hats: it’s always important to use sunscreen on your exposed skin, but a hat can also help shield you from direct sun. A hat is a good idea for when it gets cold, too, because you lose a lot of heat from your head.

  • Gloves: a good pair of waterproof gloves makes sense if it’s wet or cold, while a lighter pair with grips on the palms and fingers are useful when you’re in steep, rocky terrain.

Plan for Every Event

The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing camping clothing is to prepare for every possible situation. You won’t need a ski suit in summer or a bathing suit in winter, but make sure you’re covered if the temperature swings up or down, if the wind picks up or if it starts to pour. Happy camping!

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