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From the Pond to the Plate – Trout Farm North of Ballarat

November 26, 2015
From the Pond to the Plate – Trout Farm North of Ballarat


Even the most experienced anglers have spent a day out on the water, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for even the slightest hint of a touch on the end of their line. Fishing is like that sometimes.

For some anglers this is just part of the process; they are quite content sitting there by the water with their thoughts and the time going by.

For kids, this can be the most boring thing in the world. Kids want to catch fish when they go fishing – to them, that’s the whole point of the exercise.

At Tuki Trout farm, catching a fish is inevitable. Robert and Jan have created an environment that enables novice and experienced anglers alike the chance to catch a beautiful rainbow trout and have it prepared for them straight away, delivered to their plate in less than 15 minutes, free of bones, ready to eat.

fishing at tuki

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With stunning views 70km out to the North over the Loddon Campaspe Valley, Tuki Trout Farm offers a unique opportunity in the North of Ballarat. A popular destination with families and overseas visitors, Tuki is not only the place to come to catch trout, but the place to source your trout from as well. Tuki supplies many of the region’s restaurants with rainbow trout, local chefs working to create standout dishes using only the finest, freshest fish.

There are six pools to fish at Tuki. Robert keeps the two pools closest to the restaurant stocked with plenty of fish in an aerated environment, perfect for quickly supplying their guests who come for the simple yet elegant menu.

fish being prepared

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The other pools can be fished with gear supplied by Tuki or with your own tackle offering a more challenging experience for those that know their way around a rod and reel.

The Rainbow Trout themselves are only released into the pools when they are around 300gms which means that there is a good chance you will catch a fish around the 600-1000gm mark – the best size for eating according to Robert. We caught ours in two minutes flat…

Once you’ve landed your trout, Jan and Robert will prepare it and present it to you at the table, deboning the fish before your eyes with a degree of finesse that only 30 years in the business can teach. Served alongside beautifully roasted potatoes, fresh garden greens and succulent lamb from their farm, Lunch at Tuki is a classic experience of true regional cuisine you won’t soon forget.

Farm to table while you wait: trout doesn’t get fresher than it does at Tuki.

trout on plate

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