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A Sweet River's Brew in Mt Beauty, Victoria 

May 18, 2015
A Sweet River's Brew in Mt Beauty, Victoria


Sweetwater Brewing Company’s logo says it all – Kiewa River water flowing from the Victorian High Country is the heart and soul of this business.

The name Kiewa is derived from the language of local Indigenous tribes who once travelled every summer to the high plains. Meaning ‘sweetwater’, the Kiewa river’s soft, clean mountain water is used to make handcrafted beers that most definitely warrant stopping by to sample.

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Owner Pete Hull is a passionate brewer, and has worked to create a pretty sensational range that is going to cater to every palate … From those who previously thought they weren’t beer drinkers (trust us – one of our team said she wasn’t into beer, until she tried Pete’s Weissbier brew) to those who consider themselves experts in the world of handcrafted refreshments.

Build your thirst on the trails through the Big Hill MTB Park

The first thing we noticed was the beer taps – they were a literal ode to the sport you can enjoy around the region; a bike handle used as one tap, a ski pole grip as another… you get the picture! Pete poured us samples from across the range – Pale Ale, Golden Bitter, Summer Ale, Weissbier and Porter. Not only did they look after everyone’s tastes, but they cater to all the seasons as well. We were ready to settle right in…

Catch up with Pete and find out more about the sensational Sweetwater Brewing Company….

  • 211 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga South
  • Opening hours: Fri 1pm - 7pm / Sat/Sun - 1pm - 6pm
  • *Bike-friendly *
  • Visit their website

Sweetwater Brewery

Literally a taste of the Victorian Alps in every brew...

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