Storing Kayaks

October 30, 2015
Storing Kayaks

So you’ve made an investment in your very own kayak. Are you prepared to do the little things that extend your kayak’s life and deliver long-term performance? It’s not just how you treat your kayak during transport and while out on the water. Properly storing your kayak is just as important. Consider the following:

  • Cleaning: Always rinse off your kayak when you’re done with your outing. This is especially important when you’ve used your kayak in salt water. Just like sunlight, salt water can hurt the integrity of your kayak, corroding metal and degrading the hull. Give it a good wash after each use.

  • Shelter: The ideal place for a kayak is in a shed or garage. Get it out of the sunlight, rain, snow and other elements, which can hurt the integrity of your kayak. If you don’t have an enclosed space, place your kayak in a shady spot and cover it with a tarp. There are also application products that can protect hard shell kayaks from UV rays. Use them.

  • Shaping: Make sure your kayak stays in shape by distributing weight evenly during storage. The hull can bend and sag if the weight is not distributed evenly. Many owners have to stand their kayaks up on one end, hang them from a ceiling or lay them on their sides due to space constraints. This may sound convenient, but it shortens your kayak’s life and hurts your investment.

  • Security: Kayaks are valuable assets. Make sure you always keep yours safe by storing it indoors or locking it up if outdoors. Security cables can be used to secure your kayak when at home, while camping or while otherwise spending time in the outdoors.

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