Essentials to Pack for the Snow

May 12, 2015
Essentials to Pack for the Snow

Planning a ski trip can sometimes feel like planning a mission to Mars, especially if you’ve never been on one before and the idea of snow is as alien as the red dust itself. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a handy packing list of the items that you need to have in your pack before hitting the slopes.

Ski & Snowboard Gear - the Essentials to Pack for the Mountain

  • Skis / poles / boots / board / helmet – the ultimate essentials. Whether you hire your gear or you have your own, you will need these if you are planning on skiing or snowboarding during your trip to the snow.

  • Toboggan / sled / sturdy cardboard box – plenty of fun can be had at the snow with just your hands, a carrot, and some friends to help you build Frosty.

Snow Sports Clothing

  • Warm thermal underwear – thermal clothing is one of the most important ingredients for any successful ski trip. They hug you close, keeping you warm and also drawing sweat away from your skin.

  • Waterproof jacket & pants – jeans won’t cut it here. Fear not, you can still look awesome in your snow gear with great new styles released every season. Designed specifically to keep you warm, and the snow, out.

  • Waterproof gloves – keep your hands warm and dry.

  • Inner gloves – handy for when you take your ski gloves off. Your hands will stay warm and you’ll be able to manage all those zippers.

  • A hat – ideally thermal or wool to help retain the heat around your head.

  • Scarf / balaclava – the mountain is just about the only place you can wear a balaclava without freaking out the general population. Make the most of it while you can, and keep your face warm while you’re at it.

Ski & Snowboard Accessories

  • Ski goggles / sunglasses – the sun reflects off the snow with intensity up the mountain. Protect your vision and stop your mates kicking powder in your eyes.

  • Backpack – not essential if you can get your buddy to carry it, but someone in the team is going to need somewhere to put your sunscreen.

  • Camera / GoPro – catch all those frosty moments on film or your mates won’t believe a word of it!

  • Avalanche equipment – beacon, probe, radio, shovel - if you plan on going into the backcountry make sure you have all the right safety equipment, and you know what you're doing! Making the transition from groomers to untouched runs is something that should be taken seriously.

Food, Water, First Aid Equipment

  • Water bottle / hydration reservoir – however you choose to carry your water, carry plenty. Dehydration is common at high altitude as we tend to ignore our fluid needs when it’s cold.

  • Snacks – you’ll be using a lot of energy, not just carving sweet lines down the hill, but also because your body is constantly adapting to the drop in temperature.

  • Sunscreen / lip balm – the mountain is more like the beach than you think. The sun up there is relentless, and unless you’re going to a Christmas themed snow party later, you might want to cover up and avoid the Rudolph look.

  • First aid kit / radio/ GPS – make sure you’ve got all bases covered. Accidents do happen, and while there are ski patrols to help you out, the more you can do for yourself and your friends before they get to you the better.

Apres Ski Essentials

  • Warm clothing – it’s still cold, so you will most likely need to wear thermals wherever you go. Track pants are great for lazing around in front of the fire.

  • Sturdy walking boots – great for trudging through shallow snow and staying upright walking on icy roads.

  • Cards/board games – everyone loves a good old game of cards or trivial pursuit on a ski trip. Embrace the outdoors, put away those cell phones and get into some old school fun.

  • Books – nothing like a good read in front of the fire when it’s snowing outside.

  • Toiletries / makeup / curling iron etc. – you might be in the great outdoors, but your friends might not stay your friends it if you stop cleaning yourself for five days straight.

  • Money / insurance – to buy that cool balaclava that you see everyone else wearing, and to make sure you are covered in case you take a bad tumble.

  • Your favourite ski & snowboard films – for getting amped up for tomorrow’s runs!

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