Ride With Orica-GreenEDGE

September 28, 2015
Ride With Orica-GreenEDGE

Here's your opportunity to ride with your heroes from Orica-GreenEDGE and Orica-AIS.

The 2015 River and Ranges Winery Ride gives you the chance to cycle and chat with Simon Gerrans, Caleb Ewan, Gracie Elvin and many more Orica Pro riders. You can choose from three distances - 138km, 48km or the family friendly 24km event.

Each of the routes takes you through the beautiful scenery around Nagambie and they are fully supported with drinks, food and entertainment along the way. The great news is there is just as much fun to be had for those not riding. An array of activities is on offer including river cruises, BMX and mountain biking, a jumping castle, live music as well as interviews and signing sessions with the riders.

And don't worry about a protein shake after the ride. Instead, take advantage of the surrounds and go for a late lunch of at Mitchelton Winery. You'll be joined by the man who started it all - Gerry Ryan and the crew who keep his pro race dream alive, including Orica-GreenEDGE General Manager Shayne Bannan, DS Matt White and ORICA-AIS Sports Director, Gene Bates. The riders will finish their session with a meal as well and by the sounds of it, a few age groupers tend to ensure an appetite gets worked up, as Gerro alludes....

We caught up with Simon Gerrans and Dave McKenzie to find out a bit more about this great day in the saddle.

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Two Time Australian National Road Race Champion, and the first Aussie to win a stage at each of the three Grand Tours, Simon Gerrans filled us in on the River and Ranges Winery Ride.

How many River and Ranges Winery rides have you done?

I have done all of the editions so far. The Winery Ride has been growing every year since the first edition. It’s great to see more and more people come to Mitchelton and enjoy the event each year.

What do you enjoy about the ride?

A lot of things. The scenery. Lunch at Mitchelton. Getting amongst our Australian fans. We also use this ride as part of our first team training camp for the season so it’s good to catch up with my teammates again and get to know the new guys who have come to the team.

Have any handy cyclists back here (and with fresh legs) given you a nudge on the winery ride?!

Yes, every year!

What is your favourite wine?

I’m a big fan of the Mitchelton Print Shiraz.

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1998 Australian National Road Race Champion and winner of a stage at the Giro d'Italia Dave McKenzie chats to us about the family friendly 24km ride, and why it is important for future generations.

I am a country boy originally and was fortunate enough to experience so many things that kids today miss out on - fresh air, nature, a sense of freedom. The River and Ranges Winery Ride is in such a beautiful setting it helps kids reconnect with a part of life that people in other countries don't get to experience.

Despite what people might think, my kids aren't Lycra cyclists. They enjoy it but they aren't fanatical about it and we all did the shorter ride two years ago and had a great time.

I'm very passionate about the bike, it is such a unique thing and I think the shorter ride can be a catalyst to get kids interested in cycling. Riding your bike is free, it's healthy and it's great for the environment. And the best part is you can do it anywhere. I'm just about to go and kick the soccer ball with my son, but we have to travel to the soccer field to have a kick. If you are riding your bike, you jump out the front door and you're riding.

The bike can take you anywhere and it is the perfect incidental activity that the nation needs. I just road from Carlton to the city, parked my bike out the front of the store, didn't pay for parking, collected my things and road home. It's so easy and has so many benefits.

And after the ride you can enjoy all of the family activities. It's really a great family friendly day out.

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The River and Ranges Winery Ride takes place on Sunday November 22. Lock in your spot for the 138km, 48km or 24km family ride via our sister site BikeExchange here.

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