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Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier Review 

May 18, 2015
Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Bike Carrier Review

To me there are two criteria that when executed well make for a great roof rack.

What you put on top stays on top and silence… dead silence.

The first point is fairly self-explanatory; when fitting your dream machine (valued at thousands of dollars) to the roof you want to be assured it’s going to be there when you stop, especially if you have to stop at speed. Without having an exact count on the number of times we took bikes off and on the roof during our time away at Bright and Mt Beauty (or how many times we stopped) I can safely say it was a lot on both counts. The bikes stayed on the roof.

Take your bikes to the Rail Trail with Rhino Rack

The second point is just as crucial as the first. Silence. There is nothing worse than a consistent un-diagnosable whistle, hum, click or howl on a long drive. The Rhino Rack set-up was blissfully silent for both the for-hour drive to Bright and back, along with all the interim driving done during the week. A big plus in my mind.

Check out some of the great 4WD tracks in the area

Aside from this the racks looked the part and were easy enough to use even with the height of the Holden Colorado. I find it pretty hard to fault the racks themselves, they are well designed and work as expected. Also the team at Rhino Rack assures us that the MountainTrail is designed to fit ‘nearly any bar you can throw at it’.

Hot Tip: When you first get your roof racks installed, upwind and adjust the quick release mechanism before attempting to place the bike on the roof. It is a lot easier. Also if you are getting more than one rack ask for key and barrels to be matched up. It makes life a lot simpler!

The Mystic MTB Park is just around the corner and the Rhino Rack will take you there

Below is a breakdown of features and specifications of the MountainTrail Carrier.

• Roof mounted system

• Pre-assembled

• Fits directly to all Rhino-Rack bars

• Quick and easy installation / removal

• Fits on either side of your vehicle roof

• Suitable for bikes up to 15kg

• Suits bikes with standard or disc brake systems

• Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions

• Adjustable locking skewer

• Lockable

• Anti-theft locking system and strong rubber coated straps for extra security and protection

• Allen Key Included

• 114.3cm / 45 inch double wall aluminium tray

• RRP: $199

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