Reusable Water Bottles for a #Plasticfree Future

February 08, 2016
Reusable Water Bottles for a #Plasticfree Future

You might have seen a number of headlines recently stating that according to a recent study presented by the World Economic Forum, in 2050, there may be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

It takes a while for that statement to sink in at first — perhaps it’s due to our inability to visualise large numbers of things; whether they be fish in the sea, or as many individual pieces of plastic that it takes to fill a garbage truck flowing into the ocean every minute. Oh yeah, according to that same report, that’s how much plastic we are using and throwing away, every minute — a garbage truck load.

There has never been a better time to throw single-use plastic bottles out of your life, and to start using a reusable water bottle.

sinle use plastic bottles washed up on the beach

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While it could be argued that plastic is one of the most useful materials to be developed in the last 200 years, our reliance on one-use plastics has simply gotten out of hand, and a huge portion is now ending up in our oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing, only encouraged by our relentless consumption of single-use packaged goods.

The good news is that it’s really easy to reduce the amount of plastic we are using each day. One of the simplest ways is to carry a BPA free, reusable water bottle with you and fill it up on the go. The benefits of carrying your own bottle are not only relevant to the state of our planet, but to your health as well – and you’ll definitely notice the difference in taste.

Lifting the Lid on BPA

Bisphenol A is an organic synthetic compound used by food and beverage companies to line the inside of plastic packaging, helping to preserve the products contained within. In the last decade, there has been much debate over the effects that BPA can potentially have on the human body when ingested through food and beverage products. Many health organisations and governments around the world have banned the use of BPA in infant food containers and drink bottles, as there is some evidence to suggest that it could be harmful to developing unborn babies and infants.

plastic bottle

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What does all this mean for you? Well, health and food organisations claim that at the levels of BPA currently present in food and beverage packaging, there is no chance of harm to an adult body. But if you are passionate about reducing the amount of chemical stuffs you ingest, adding a reusable BPA free bottle to your life is an easy solution.

Alternatives to One-Use Plastic Bottles

There is an amazing array of stylish, functional water bottles out there on the market today. And anyone who spends much time in the outdoors will know that, plastic just doesn’t cut it off the beaten track.

At Outdoria, you’ll find a range of brands that share the same core values with those organisations at the heart of the plastic free movement; brands that create beautiful products that you won’t ever want to throw away.

Earth Bottles

An Australian owned and operated company that produces beautiful, reusable bottles, Earth Bottles is a brand founded on simple yet powerful core principles that are clearly expressed through the simplicity of their product. Sometimes the most subtle details are the most powerful.

The bottle’s base has been shaped to look like the bottom of familiar beverage brands’ one-use bottles, subtly suggesting that ‘we can do that too and we can do it better.’ The faux wood finish further reinforces the environmental positioning of the brand, and looks not only convincing, but beautiful in any environment. Cap it all off with a retro-styled, screw-top lid, and you’ve got a water bottle that’s sure to pique the interest of those around you.

Earth Bottles lifestyle shot

Available in 500ml and 750ml versions

Earth Bottles Faux Timber Features

Made from high-grade 18 / 8 stainless steel, Earth Bottles are made to be used: whether you are going hiking in the Aussie bush, you’re headed to your regular yoga class, or you just like to keep fresh, great tasting water on-hand at your desk at work, Earth Bottles are made to handle the knocks of everyday life, and the greatest outdoor adventures.

Double insulated walls keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12. And the lid does not leak. Earth Bottles have chosen stainless steel because it’s easy to wash and won’t retain the flavours of other beverages, so you can switch from coffee to water, day to day.

An alternative to plastic one-use bottles made by Aussies who are passionate about reducing our impact on the planet, Earth Bottles are the stylish bottle to fill a welcomed plastic gap in your life.

Camelbak Has Got your Back

In case you didn’t know, Camelbak literally reinvented the hydration game.

The story goes that, back in 1988, Michael Eidson was competing in a 100 mile race in Wichita Falls when he decided to take a different, hands-free approach to cycling hydration. Inspired by the equipment he used on a daily basis as a medical technician, Eidson filled an IV bag with water, stuffed it into a sock and slid it into his pack, running the tube over his shoulder, latching it to the strap using a clothes pin. More than likely, he got a few laughs from his competitors, but while they were stopping to refill their bottles, Eidson was cruising by laughing the loudest.

Since that early invention, Camalbak has sought to redesign the ways that we actively hydrate.

The ‘Eddy’ Glass Water Bottle and the Podium Chill

The Eddy Glass water bottle is just one product in a huge line of water bottles. The Eddy makes use of Camelbak’s novel flip-top bite valve, enabling you to drink without having to tip the bottle, further reducing the chances of it being dropped. It’s BPA and lead free, goes in the top shelf of your dishwasher and is available in a range of cool colours. The addition of a silicon sleeve not only adds a splash pf colour, but ensures a good grip and protects from minor bumps and knocks.


Camelbak product shot
Camelbak Podium Chill water bottle

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The Podium Chill has been designed with the active outdoor adventurer mind. Double-walled insulates your cold beverages, keeping them cold even while you are out in the heat of the midday sun. Plastic it may be, but don’t worry, it’s still BPA free. The self-sealing Jet Valve makes it the perfect bottle for cyclists and runners: all it takes is a quick squeeze of the bottle and you’re hydrating. When not in use, the lockout dial stops any leaks, and the nozzle is easily removed for cleaning.

It’s nice to know that Camelbak has always got your back.

Klean Kanteen by Nature

Since 2002, Klean Kanteen has been a front runner in the worldwide push towards reducing the amount of single-use plastic products impacting our environment. As the world became aware of the potentially harmful effects of BPA contained in plastic packaging, stainless steel became the obvious alternative. The Reflect is just one product in a line of great alternatives to one-use bottles from Klean Kanteen, a brand that not only provides alternatives to the problem, but that actively supports the environmental campaigns of non-profits, and pledges 1% of all sales towards the preservation and restoration of natural environments and ecosystems. That’s a brand we can get behind.

Klean Kanteen Reflect Water Bottle

Three materials come together in Klean Kanteen’s Reflect water bottle to make one, sustainable, BPA free product. Combining sustainably sourced bamboo, stainless steel and food-grade silicon, the Reflect water bottle is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to reduce their consumption of plastic packaging on the path towards a more sustainable future.

Sleek and simple in its design, the Reflect water bottle is lightweight and built to last – the logo has been laser engraved ensuring that every part of the bottle is as durable as the container itself. The bamboo lid features a d-ring making it the perfect choice for hikers and climbers; easily clipped onto a carabiner or bag strap for quick access.


klean kanteen hero product shot

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Less Plastic More Planet

These are just a few of the awesome products available from retailers on Outdoria that can help you reduce your environmental impact. It’s so easy to look after the outdoor environment that we love to explore…so remember, leave no trace, and ditch one-use packaging in favour of a #plasticfree future!

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