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5 Outdoor Ideas for an Adventurous Valentine's Day

February 12, 2016
5 Outdoor Ideas for an Adventurous Valentine's Day

Outdoor Ideas for an Adventurous Valentine's Day

The 14th of Feb is upon us again and shelves are laden with overpriced roses and chocolates, soon to land in the expecting arms of loved ones around the world.

But for some of us, the tried and true Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas have well past their used by date. And if you (and your loved one) love the outdoors, we think there are some better ideas and gifts out there to be sharing with that special someone this year.

Go rock climbing!

Climbing is all about teams of two working together to climb to enormous heights. The clichéd romantic puns come flooding at just the idea, but really, rock climbing is super fun, and literally holding your partners lifeline in your hands is a sure-fire way to build trust, and enjoy something different outdoors while you’re at it.

If you are not geared up for outdoor climbing, just going to a climbing gym is a fun way to spend an afternoon and learn the ropes. You never know, it might just become your new passion.

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Go hiking and take a picnic

The city will most certainly be packed with lucky individuals walking the streets, arms overflowing with large bunches of flowers, the same as every year. If the idea of all of that makes you want to run, then do it! Get out of the city.

Take a day pack, load it up with cheeses, fresh bread and cold-cut meats and head for your nearest national park. Mix up a plastic drink bottle with prosecco, Aperol and slices of orange, and enjoy Aperol Spritz like a true Australian Hipster couple in the heart of the outdoors after a morning’s hike. Better than roses.

Go camping this Valentine's Day weekend

Why not make a weekend of it? Pack the car up and go somewhere for the weekend. Camping is cheap, fun, and the break from the big city will leave you feeling refreshed upon your return to the big smoke. The open outdoors will give you much needed time with your partner to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Hire a tandem kayak / bike and get outdoors

Tandem anything is pretty hard, but once you work out the rhythm of paddling a kayak or peddling a bike together, you’ll be able to focus entirely on the scenery and enjoying each other’s company.

Pack lunch to take with you, pull up somewhere quiet and enjoy dining al fresco.

Beats dinner and a movie any day of the week.

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Go 4WDriving

Wait hear me out. Driving is a great way to spend time with someone, and driving off-road is so much more fun than driving on a highway. Park the car up, drop the back seat….and have a picnic overlooking the awesomeness that is, the great outdoors.

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