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Winning Outdoor Gift Ideas for Dad

August 19, 2016
Winning Outdoor Gift Ideas for Dad

With Father’s day just around the bend, we’ve thrown together a list of our favourite outdoor gift ideas for shoppers on any budget. Whether he's a passionate hiker, an early morning ocean paddler or an explorer of the open road, you’ll find something to get him out and about on September 4.

shop hiking and climbing fathers day gift ideas under  50

Outdoor gift ideas under $50

Dad’s who like to get out there under their own steam will find an impressive range of hiking and climbing gear - at a very reasonable price - at Outdoria . It’s crazy what you can pick up for under $50 bucks!

Backpacks: Essential for short hikes and one-day adventures, Dad needs a backpack to store all of the other bits and bobs he got on Dad’s day. Co-ordinate with the rest of the family and kit him out for adventure for less than $50 each.

Clothing: Thermals, socks, beanies, jumpers, gloves – winter’s not quite over yet and it’s a great time of the year to pick up some sweet threads for Dad’s weekend hikes and camping trips.

Compass: Every outdoor enthusiast needs a compass and should know how to use one. Dad will love dusting off the old navigation techniques nad getting back to basics. If he’s new to the whole thing, make sure he watches our video on ‘how to triangulate using a compass and map.’

Footwear: Would you believe that you can pick up a pair of runners for Dad for under $50? RunStopShop has slashed prices on their Bare-X Lite range, perfect for walking, short hikes, and of course, running.

Shop Outdoria for Father's Day gifts under $50

shop kayak surf and fishing gear for fathers day at outdoria

Under $100

Whether he loves kayaking, fishing, surfing, or diving, we’ve got the gear to get Dad out on the water this Sep 4.

Life jacket: Nothing says ‘we love you and we would like it if you came back safe and sound’ like a new lifejacket. Make sure Dad is truly prepared for any scenario.

Mask, snorkel, fins: We’re so lucky in Australia to be surrounded by beautiful coastline. Why not give Dad the chance to experience it first hand with a mask, snorkel, or a set of fins? The weather is only getting warmer; now is the perfect time to upgrade his old dingy set. Or perhaps it’s an opportunity to get him hooked on a new summer hobby?

Thermals: Base layers are the perfect winter-warmer addition to any set of aquatic apparel. Throw them on under a fleece while kayak fishing or keep the chill off while stand-up paddle boarding.

Tackle box: Whose Dad doesn’t have a tackle box that is a complete and utter disaster? This is your chance to clean it up for good (well, for at least a couple of weeks). When he get’s his new tackle box, he’ll have to take everything out of the old one, giving you the opportunity to throw it in the bin.

Shop Outdoria for Father's Day gifts under $100

shop ski and snowboard gifts for fathers day

Under $250

Helmets: Skiing, snowboarding – whichever style Dad prefers, make sure he’s protecting that dome on the slopes. He’ll probably argue at first – “in my day, no-one wore helmets” – but he’ll soon discover that modern ski and snowboard helmets are super comfortable and warm, and stop your head from breaking in a crash. Tick.

Goggles / sunglasses: It’s high time Dad ditched those tragic old wrap-arounds-with-the-strap from the 80’s and donned a set of new ski / snowboard goggles. At this price point, you can pick him up a set of the latest models from Oakley, Smith, Dragon, and more heavy hitters of the ski and snowboarding industry.

Ski / snowboard Jacket: Dad still wearing that fluoro jumpsuit from the seventies? Get him to save it for fancy dress and slide into a modern ski or snowboard jacket. Modern snow jackets are made from the most advanced waterproof breathable materials, meaning not only will he look the part, he’ll be warmer and more comfortable throughout the day as well. You can learn more about waterproof breathable fabric tech in our buyer's guide.

Snowboards & Skis: Yep, you can even pick up a new snowboard or a set of skis for Dad this year. As closing day gets closer, you’ll find awesome gear at huge discounts. If you want our advice, you might need Dad’s input with this one. Choosing a new board or skis is a personal process – you need to make sure he is getting the right fit, especially. Check out our comprehensive online buyer’s guides to skis and snowboards to learn just how important it is to get it right.

Shop Outdoria for Father's Day gifts under $250

Sky s the limit  shop fathers day gift ideas at outdoria

Sky’s the limit

You’re planning on making this the best Father’s Day ever. Perhaps the whole family has decided to pitch in and get Dad something he has always wanted? Maybe you think now is the time to repay him for years of support and great memories. At Outdoria, you can set Dad up for the trip of a lifetime on the wide open roads of Australia.

Off-road camper trailer: He’s always dreamed of touring the Simpson Desert with nothing but his 4x4 and a camper trailer towed behind it. Off-road camper trailers are the ultimate RV for the job and they are available starting at $4990.

Motorcycle: Whatever Dad’s style – sport, cruiser, super motard, touring – you can make his petrol-fuelled dream come true this Sep 4 with a brand new motor bike.

Road bike: Or if he prefers leg-powered machines, you can pick him up a new road bike such as the Giant Defy Advanced 3. It's the perfect endurance bike for guys who love to ride long distances, and comes equipped with disc brakes for additional stopping power.

Travel: Or, you can give the gift of experience this Father’s day and send Dad on an unforgettable holiday. Big 4 Atherton is right on the doorstep to tropical North Queensland and has a range of accommodation options to suit; from campsites to Eco cottages, villas and more.

Now that we've given you some inspiration, browse the full range of big boys toys available online at Australia's online marketplace for outdoor gear:

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