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Planning the Best Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Ever

March 17, 2016
Planning the Best Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt Ever

Camping with the kids at any time of the year is amazing, but I just love the Easter holidays for many reasons.

One: the weather is nicer – usually not too hot, not too cold; cooler nights for easy sleeping, and generally not as windy as the hotter months.

Two: we generally have things with us from the Christmas holidays that still fit (hello new wetsuit!).

And three:

It's outdoor Easter egg hunt time!!!

Now I know an Easter egg hunt is fun anywhere, but there is something special about hunting through the bush on Easter Sunday, looking for those elusive eggs that the giant bunny delivered overnight.

When my sister and I were growing up, we were always visited by the Easter Bunny. He always left us one or two special eggs (I still love Humpty Dumpty eggs… hint hint), but usually also left us with a small gift of winter PJ’s, slippers, raincoats, or a book. I have continued this tradition with my children, because, while getting eggs is yummy, being left something special and useful (that won’t be gobbled in one sitting) is just as good. My kids are growing madly at the moment, so this year they will get two special eggs, and a raincoat for the winter months.

easter eggs and new pajamas alternative gifts for easter

But what if the Easter eggs melt?

I have young children, so the allure and excitement of finding little eggs on a hunt is in its prime – for the next few years at least. But what can you do when it’s a really hot day outside and the fear of your littlies finding melted blobs of chocolate instead of yummy little eggs is all too real? Well, we had that conundrum two years ago (it was about 38°C at 9am that day), so we had to think on our feet – and fast!

The solution? We started another family tradition. We would plant some “seeds” (aka tic tacs) around the caravan, and overnight the Easter Bunny came along and magically turned them into lollipops (aka Chupa Chups). Problem solved!

lollipops in place of easter eggs for easter egg hunt

Or so we thought… Last year, it was a lovely 18°C and the kids camping next to us were finding yummy Easter eggs instead of Chupa Chups. That brought with it a vast array of questions as to why EB brought them chocolate, and our kids lollipops. Enter Grandma to save the day.

“Come with me and see what I have found on the ground,” she said to the kiddies.

Grandma had planned an Easter egg hunt of her own, hiding little balls of chocolatey goodness in the most wondrous places throughout the neighbouring bush.

Grandma had strategically placed eggs in hollows of trees – making sure no creepy crawlies were hiding there first, of course. She hid them on the tops of logs, rested them on tree branches – even in an old birds nest! The kids were entertained for at least an hour, checking (with our help), every nook and cranny where an egg could be hiding. So much fun, and so much chocolate to be eaten over the next few days.

So this year, I am making sure that EB gets the message: that although lollipops are exciting, chocolate is all you should find on an Easter egg hunt.

on the hunt for easter eggs

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Creating your own Easter egg hunt Clues

Another great way to make the challenge even more fun is to provide clues in the form of riddles for your little ones. Check out some suggestions below to help you get started writing riddles of your own.

Hide an Easter egg in a boot

You’re going to have to really try

To find an Easter treat.

They keep your piggies warm and dry

You wear them on your ……….

Hide them in a birds nest

Tweet, can you hear them calling?

The sound the forest makes

A house made of twigs and leaves and sticks,

The hungry chicks will wait.

easter eggs hidden at the base of a tree

Hide an egg under a tree

Standing tall they hang their leaves

Like fingers still and strong.

A home for ants, and birds and bees

The wind sings their song.

Hide them in the hollow of a log

Fallen from the sky,

Through wind and rain and fog

With a crash and a bang we don’t know why,

Your egg is hidden in a …….

easter eggs hidden in the hollow of a log

Hang an egg from your washing line (in a ziplock bag)

Muddy clothes will need to be cleaned

And hung outside to dry,

You’ll have to think to find this egg

It's hanging from the washing ……

Some of these are trickier than others so play around and create some that are suitable for your kids' reading levels and abilities. They will love the added challenge and mystery of working out the clues.

Happy Easter!

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