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Rolling to the River

September 23, 2015
Rolling to the River

If you are lucky enough to live close to a natural body of water, be it the sea, a river, or a lake, first thing’s first; you should definitely already own a kayak or canoe. And if you don’t, well it’s time to start thinking seriously about making the most of your awesome location!

The great thing about living within walking distance of water is that you can take you kayak there easily enough on foot. Most kayaks come with carry handles at the bow and stern, meaning two people handle the load as a team. But if you’re on your own, or if your boat is particularly long, you might just find this task too challenging.

In that case, you need a trolley.

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Trolleys for Kayaks and Canoes

Most trolleys that are designed to transport your kayak (or canoe) to your launch point are fairly compact and lightweight. They are usually pretty simple in design, consisting of two wheels and a padded V-shaped support structure. Made from aluminium, they won’t add too much weight to your loaded kayak, ensuring you can pull it to your destination with relative ease.

Using your Trolley

It’s easy to use your new trolley. The main thing is to make sure your trolley is positioned in the middle of your boat, supporting it at its balance point. Make sure you tie your boat down so that it doesn’t slide off and end up getting damaged on the side walk.

Types of Trolleys

Depending on your location, you might like to choose a trolley that can handle the terrain. Some trolleys have tyres that roll smoothly on tarmac or concrete sidewalks; others feature knobbly tyres with good grip, great for navigating bumpy or rocky terrain heading down to the river’s edge.

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Carry Straps

Some kayaks and canoes are lightweight enough that they can be carried by one person over the shoulder. Carry straps are made from a long piece of webbing with two large loops, one for each end of the kayak. Once you’ve looped the strap over the bow and stern, you can lift your kayak at the middle and sling it over your shoulder. Sit on top kayaks and play boats are perfect for this style of transportation because they don’t weigh much and they are short enough that you shouldn’t bang them into things on your way down to the water’s edge.

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