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Jayco Expanda Outback Review

December 10, 2015
Jayco Expanda Outback Review

The Jayco Expanda Outback is deceiving from the outside. It appears relatively small and compact, but in fact hides spacious living areas within.

The Expando Outback model tested was complete with two double beds, two bunk beds, and a generous living zone. The double beds at either end of the Outback extend out and don't encroach on any of the established living space. The living zone also extends out with the push of a button to create a space resembling open plan living.

All the modern conveniences are housed within, and at times, it feels like you are closer to holidaying in a hotel than a caravan. The Expanda Outback really is tailor made for an extended D-I-Y holiday.


Watch the Jayco Expanda Outback Video Review for a quick run down on all the features from our resident family man, Adam.

Expanda Outback Features

The list of features that come standard in the Jayco Expanda Outback caravan will make your holiday feel like home.

Jayco Expanda Outback Amenities

For cooking, there is a four-burner gas cooktop with electric hotplate, a 12V Rangehood, and microwave. Thanks to the 150-litre capacity fridge and freezer, you've got plenty of space to store any leftovers.

Air conditioning is standard across the Expanda Outback range making holidays in the hottest of locations a breeze.

There is also an extensive list of optional extras including; CD/DVD/radio system with external speakers and app functionality, washing machine, TV, and even a satellite dish if you don't want to miss your favourite show while you're in the middle of nowhere.

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Jayco Expanda Outback Interior

The interior of the Expanda is where this caravan really shines.

The front and rear beds are spacious at 1360mm, complete with innerspring mattresses providing the foundation for a great night's sleep. Extending the beds proved to be a very simple process, taking no longer than a minute. A simple lock and button mechanism is located on the outside of the caravan which opens straight out. The area is then extended from the inside using a pole that supports a pre-assembled, single-piece frame.

Having two large sleeping areas makes the Expanda Outback perfect for large families or couples traveling together. The length of the Outback provides enough separation between the two beds for privacy and quiet.

For those travelling with young families, there are two bunk beds that are unobtrusive, and big enough for growing kids.

There are some creature comforts that come standard with the Expanda Outback; enclosed shower with exhaust fan, large sink, vanity and storage for days.

But the pièce de résistance is the living zone that automatically extends with the push of a button. Undoubtedly the hero feature of the 20 FT caravan option, the large living space is complete with 'club lounge', a table and overhead storage. The area comfortably accommodated six of us and no doubt could squeeze in a few more.

You have your choice of fabric and colour for the upholstery and vinyl flooring options to really make your purchase feel like your own.

The Expanda Outback allows plenty of natural light in thanks to a 400mm x 400mm roof hatch, and double-glazed push-out windows. Each of the windows has its own in-built roller blind allowing as much, or as little light in as you like. Travelling with a young family, I found it very easy to block out a lot of light when it was the kid's bed time.

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Jayco Expanda Outback Exterior

As a relatively new caravanner, it's hard to decipher what it is about the exterior of the Expanda Outback that is so appealing, but considering the quantity of people that came up to us complimenting our caravan choice, there's obviously something to like. We stayed at the Nagambie Lakes caravan park and had literally dozens of people over three days comment, or ask questions about our caravan. And for good reason.

There is a large rollout awning that provides heaps of space for outdoor activities, whether it's reading a book, or having a family lunch on a nice sunny day. The space and protection provided by the rollout awning is a huge tick for the Outback.

The caravan looks sleek and tidy with a white gloss finish, and small pops of colour.

In case you wanted to go all out and get all of the available upgrades, the Expanda Outback optional extras include: bike racks, slide out BBQ, external entertainment unit, jerry can holder, shower, foldout table, and an additional 82 litre water tank.

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Pop Top or Caravan?

The Expanda comes in a variety of Pop Top or Caravan configurations varying by size and floor plan.

The Pop Tops come in 14ft, 16ft, and 17ft options with bedding options including a solitary double bed all the way up to two double beds plus a bunk.

The Caravan option is 20ft, and allows you to choose between a solitary double bed, or two double beds along with fixed double or triple bunks.


Jayco looks after you

An added benefit to owning a Jayco is the ongoing support you'll experience.

Jayco offers three big ticket support programs that instil confidence in any prospective buyer, ensuring all you have to worry about is the next destination.

Nationwide support program

Jayco has more than 100 locations throughout Australia making them the largest dealer and service network in the country. You can be pretty confident that if you need help, it will be easy to find.

Roadside Assist

For three years Jayco provides year-round roadside assistance. A big selling point if you are in the middle of nowhere and get a flat, or lock your keys inside the caravan (come on, we've all done it at some point!)

Warranty Program

The Jayco warranty program includes 12 months comprehensive coverage for every new purchase. This covers workmanship and materials against defects, interior and exterior components, and ensures all warranty work carried out is free-of-charge.

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