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Get Gramping 

May 26, 2015
Get Gramping

We’ve heard of camping and glamping, but what about the latest term – gramping?

Not hard to decipher, that’s for sure. Gramping is camping with grandparents and it makes plenty of sense.

Bonding time

Gramping is a great opportunity for nan and pop to share time with the little ones whilst everyone’s on holiday and living life a little bit differently. We all know that good holidays are the stuff of childhood memories that we can carry with us through life. Gramping is a chance for the grandparents to be involved in those holiday moments and for them to be remembered dearly when the little people aren’t so little any more (and we all know that happens in the blink of an eye).

Keeping everyone active

These days grandparents are often as busy – if not busier – than their children. The era of a quiet retirement doing very little doesn’t seem to apply to the modern day grandparent. That said, gramping is an opportunity for nan and pop to stay busy doing things they perhaps wouldn’t normally do at home. Heading out to the beach with little ones to discover what’s in rock pools, jumping in the car for a ‘where’s Wally’ discovery, getting a campsite ready and maintaining it; the fact everyone is on holiday usually means everyone is away from routine, and keeping the itinerary fresh keeps everyone on their toes and in discovery mode.


Gramping delivers some great practical solutions to holidays as well, in that it enables pretty much everyone to actually have some time out. When grandma and grandpa are around, the kids can spend one-on-one time with all adults, giving everyone some bonding as well as some (much appreciated) down-time.


OK, not that we want to start any controversy, but the fact of the matter is grandma and grandpa are often creatures of comfort when it comes to camping. Whilst the younger generations are still roughing it and sticking to a family budget, some grandparents might have decided to spend their well-earned dollars on a very fancy RV with all the trimmings. This is a win-win for all. Haven’t got access to a washing machine? Well grandma and grandpa might well have in their super duper caravan. Raining heavily and nobody wants to cram into the one tent for a card game? Well the grandparents’ RV has a pretty spacious lounge area that’s pretty much perfect for a good Scrabble session. You get the picture…!

Caravan Industry Association of Australia Chairman Mark Lindsay says gramping is gaining a lot of momentum and he sums it up best: ‘Gramping is a phenomenon we’re seeing a lot of recently. It’s a great way to build intergenerational bonds away from the routine of everyday life.’

Gramping – as far as we’re concerned, everyone is a winner!

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