Fishing Tales - Super-SizedSnapper

October 06, 2015
Fishing Tales - Super-Sized Snapper

Every fisherman has a story about the one that got away, but we are more interested in the ones that stayed on the hook. We spoke with Dean who shared his story of a late night chase for snapper that proved very successful.

Tell us about your catch.

It was a Saturday night and I was actually at home doing some uni homework. At around 10pm I got a call from my mate who said, Get down here now!

He had been fishing in the channel off Clifton Springs near Geelong and after only 30 minutes had caught his limit, including a 10kg monster that was over a metre long. Rules around snapper state that if they are under 40cm you can keep ten, but if they are over 40cm you can only keep three. As well as his 10kg beast, he also had a 7.5kg and 5kg snapper, so that was it for him.

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So he was having the session of a lifetime?

Yeah, getting a 10kg snapper in the bay is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We'd normally get 3-6kg snapper, so to get three fish within 30 minutes that were all over 5kg was unheard of.

So I got down there as fast as I could, charged down the boat ramp and we went straight back out to the same spot. There were about 100 other boats there at the time but within five minutes of us getting there the weather conditions totally changed. All of the boats left within 10-15 minutes and it was just us.

We decided to stay another 45 minutes and just as we were about to pack up and leave two rods bent at the same time and were touching the water. The reel was screaming!

We eventually pulled them in and I bagged a 6.5kg monster of my own.

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Dean Fishing Tales

That's a great catch! What would be your ultimate fishing catch?

A big Kingfish, like a 20kg Kingfish. You can catch them out on the bay but they will only be 4-5kg. New Zealand has some great fishing and big Kings so I am planning a holiday over there to try and catch one.

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