Fishing Around Bright and MtBeauty

May 07, 2015
Fishing Around Bright and Mt Beauty

Fishing in the North-east Victorian Alpine country has got to be one of the most peaceful and tranquil adventures you can undertake. The area is largely untouched and you can disappear for hours at a time without seeing a soul. There is a large variety of fishing techniques you can employ and also the type of fish you can catch.

We spoke to Dave Thurston, a Bright local for the past four years, who thinks he hasn’t scratched the surface of the fishing scene yet (but knows plenty more than us visitors!).

Dave’s belief that there is still plenty of water he’s yet to fish is a great sign for any prospective fishermen; there seems no end of streams, rivers and creeks to explore in these parts. Dave was a keen ocean fishermen but since making the move to the high country he has embraced the rivers. Although Dave is keen to keep his favourite spots his own (and what fisherman or woman isn’t?!), he does share some great destinations to try out.

In Bright heartland, near the kid’s playground is a great place to start. You can fish on the river in Bright while the kids play on the water park adjacent.

If you are looking for a spot a bit further out of town and more secluded, you can journey up Mt. Buffalo to Lake Catani – a great spot for kids who will be almost guaranteed to catch something. Red fin is a popular fish to that area and for a spectacle it is great to go there in winter, you can fish whilst having the background covered in snow.

If you are looking for a 100% fail safe option, you could take short trip to Harrietville to the trout farm. The farm provides a chance to catch Salmon, Rainbow and Brown Trout, and is another great option for the whole family.

As with many of the other activities associated with the North East Alpine region, the fishing in the area can be seasonal. Fish will generally head up stream in the early autumn, where they spawn and you can’t catch them during this time. Aside from that there is great fishing available all year round. Advice to anyone in the area is to go after the fish spawn as they will be hungry, active and biting hard.

Rainbow and Brown trout, Red Fin and Murray Cod are all native to the area and worth looking out for. Amongst Dave’s many successful catches was a 38cm Brown Trout from the river, a great size for the area. For those not used to fly fishing there are fishing charters available to teach people and lots of friendly locals on hand to help out too.

Check out the video above to see what Dave had to say...

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