First Look: Jayco at the 2016 VIC Caravan Show

March 22, 2016

The Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow has come to an end for another year, but just in case you missed it, we're bringing you a sneak peek into what went on and what was hot at 2016’s show.

Jayco put on an impressive display this year showcasing a huge variety of models from their 2016 range of recreational vehicles.

First Look at some of Jayco's 2016 Models

Dive in and take a look at some of the great caravans, camper trailers, and motorhome models available from Jayco in 2016.

The J-Pod

First released in early 2015, the J-Pod is now an established member of the Jayco RV family.

The J-Pod is the lightest and most compact member of that family, designed with adventurous couples in mind who desire a little bit more comfort than a tent can provide.

Weighing in at 490kg, you won’t need a high powered 4WD to tow the J-Pod. The fibreglass mono shell, and galvanised chassis are sturdy enough to handle the bumps in the road, and insulate you from the elements overnight.

But you needn’t rule out the tent altogether. The J-Pod is available with an optional tent extension providing stacks of room, transforming a two person RV into a trailer capable of accommodating two couples or more.

The double bed in the back lifts up with help from hydraulic pumps revealing bag loads of storage for your gear. Additional storage is accessible through lockable side compartments to the front of the bed – great for larger, longer items.

For such a compact package, the J-Pod is packed with features - everything you need for an adventurous weekend away in the outdoors.

jayco j pod

The super-compact J-Pod.

Basestation Toy Hauler

We were excited to see this one all set up at the expo. The Basestation is every outdoor adventurer's dream home, packing all the space you need to live in the outdoors with plenty of room in the back to look after precious cargo.

The bunk room in the back transforms into a garage capable of storing mountain bikes, dirt bikes – even a jet ski. Bunk beds fold up while you are in transit making room for your gear, and drop down when you’re ready to bunk down.

The kitchenette and living space in the front take care of the necessities, and optional extras like outdoor showers are must-haves for getting the dirt of the kids before they hop inside for dinner.

Available in 19 and 23ft floor plans, the Basestation can sleep up to 6 people, great for families of a more adventurous disposition.

giant mtb beside bed in jayco basestation

Plenty of space for a couple of MTBs in the back.

Journey Outback Pop Top

Somehow, Jayco have managed to create a model that is luxurious, off-road capable, and that packs down for compact transportation.

The Journey Outback Pop Top is a hybrid RV packed with features. As its name suggests, the roof pops up to create a larger living interior while parked, and drops down making for a more aerodynamic profile on the road.

We took a look at the 16ft model which featured two single beds at the front. But there are four layouts to choose from; two 16ft layouts, two 17ft. If you go for the 17ft option, you’ll get a larger bathroom with shower and toilet in the back – all models come with a shower and a kitchenette, complete with fridge, oven, and microwave.

The Journey Outback Pop Top is ideal for couples who prefer to be comfortable in the outdoors, but who perhaps are not quite ready to go all out on a Caravan. Compact enough for easy storage at home, the Jayco Outback Pop Top ticks all the boxes.

Expanda Pop Top

An Aussie innovation for the aussie outdoor enthusiast – Jayco’s original winning formula: camper trailer + pop top = Expanda Pop Top.

The Expanda Pop Top transforms to create a more spacious living interior, using lightweight, affordable materials. Tent extensions pop out either end of the Expanda Pop Top creating outdoor sleeping berths – the kids will love sleeping under the stars!

With five base lengths available, the Expanda Pop Top comes in layouts to suit your preferences. Opting for a smaller model, you may choose to forego the bathroom, going for a more streamlined, lightweight trailer. Larger floor plans include shower and toilet combos, with all the usual dining and lounging areas while sleeping up to 6 people. Expanda Pop Tops are loaded with compartments for storing your outdoor gear, and you can always customise your model with a stunning array of optional extras.

The Expanda Pop Top is a true modern hybrid, great for families who want to upgrade from a camper trailer to something more spacious that reflects their adventurous lifestyle.

punters checking out the range of jayco at the caravan show

Silverline Caravan

The Silverline Caravan has always been Jayco’s primary example of cutting edge design and innovation, and still is in 2016; just ask Margot and Graham who have been living a silverlined life for years.

The exterior of the Silverline is all clean lines and glossy finish, leaving what’s inside to the imagination. A huge roll out awning transforms the side of the Silverline into an outdoor dining or lounging area minutes after you park up, and there’s plenty of storage space in the front boot compartment for your luggage and equipment.

Inside, classic European trim lines the seating and bedding furniture, and durable, lightweight aluminium appliances sing 'class'. A Silverline is all about comfort – ideal for people who want a change of lifestyle; to truly experience a life on the road while maintaining the standard of living you get at home.

Available in 21, 23, 24, and 25ft floorplans, the Silverline Caravan can be customised and outfitted in so many different ways, and every model comes standard with kitchenette, bathroom, shower, a washing machine, and so much room you’ll think you’re living in an inner city apartment in the outdoors.

Jay bird keeping the kids entertained at the caravan show

The Jayco Blue Jay was keeping the crowd entertained all day.

Conquest Motorhome

Jayco’s best value Motorhome, the Conquest is set to take you to the outdoors as soon as you jump in the driver’s seat. Motorhome owners love the convenience of being able hit the road immediately – no messing around with trailer hitches – the Conquest is perfect for potential buyers who would prefer not to upgrade their sedan so they can tow a caravan.

Like every Jayco model, the Conquest is available in different options, both in terms of floor plan and cab height. You can choose either a taller cab height with a large double bed at the front, or a lower cab with additional storage for those extended getaways. Cabin length is customisable as well, so you can ensure that the RV you are driving is of a comfortable size, and fits perfectly when parked at home.

Being a vehicle and trailer in one doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice space and amenities; a Conquest Motorhome still has everything you need to sustain your journey in the outdoors: kitchenette, bathroom, and shower included (and larger cab lengths come with a washing machine).

Motorhomes are still the favourite choice for travellers and lovers of the RV lifestyle for their straight forward design and manoeuvrability.

Jayco Customer Care

Perhaps the greatest point to make of all is Jayco's dedication to their customer base. All Jayco RVs come standard with 3 years road side assistance, 12 months comprehensive warranty, and give you access to the largest nationwide support network in Australia for RVs.

Looking for more on the 2016 Jayco models featured here? Check out the full range of Jayco RVs and products at our online marketplace.

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