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Should I Upgrade to an Extreme Off-Road Camper Trailer?

May 26, 2015
Should I Upgrade to an Extreme Off-Road Camper Trailer?

Extreme off-road camper trailers are a modern form of RV that has evolved from their more basic on-road counterparts to enable them to travel over extremely rough terrain. They are designed to be light-weight, compact and very sturdy so as to handle the bumps and rolls of being towed off the beaten path. The use of modern light-weight composite materials such as aluminium reduces weight without sacrificing rigidity and durability.

Extreme off-road camper trailers incorporate a reinforced chassis that can cope with off-roading. Suspension and tyres are also upgraded to allow the trailer to grip well on uneven terrain and to make it easier for a four wheel drive vehicle to tow them out of potentially sticky situations.

This video from Jayco does a great job of explaining how off-road camper suspension systems work.

On-road vs. off-road models

That all sounds good, but is it worth upgrading to an off-road capable model? to answer this question you need to think about how and where you are most likely to use your camper. Ask yourself: do I really need an extreme off road camper trailer? or will a regular on-road capable model handle the types of terrain we like to explore?

There are two major difference between the two: cost and weight. Extreme off-road models weigh and cost more because of the addition of knobbly tyres and reinforced chassis etc.

Other than that, on-road and off-road camper trailers are in fact very similar.

Like on-road camper trailers, extreme off road campers are effectively modern hybrids of tent and caravan. The incorporation of canvas extensions makes the vehicle more compact during travel time as they retract inside the structure of the trailer. All you need to do is park up, set up your tent and you are ready to relax. Extreme off-road camper trailers are available in a range of sizes and styles depending on the manufacturer and are typically much smaller and more aerodynamic than their pop-top and caravan cousins.

Where can an extreme off-road camper take me that my on-road model can't?

Anywhere! Well, not anywhere, but almost. Designed to handle the greatest range of driving conditions, you can be confident towing your trailer over muddy, icy, rocky, and even sandy terrain. The most likely obstacles facing you will be the capabilities of your towing vehicle, and any restrictions put in place by those owning the land you have chosen to explore. Before you go flying into unknown off-road territory, it’s best to make sure you have permission from the landowner, whether it is government property or privately owned.

There are a number of places you can park your camper for the night: after all, that’s what it is for; enabling you to live in the great outdoors. Registered campgrounds are your number one spot for parking as they provide the use of their amenities to those who rent a site. Park up, recharge your camper’s batteries and get to know your neighbours. Campgrounds are a great meeting place for like-minded travellers and outdoor enthusiasts and will often host events based on a range of popular outdoor activities.

If you are looking for free accommodation, look no further than your local national park. Due to the compact nature of your trailer and its proficiency driving on park roads, you will be more likely to find a space, even during the busy holiday season. Just make sure you leave a donation in the honesty box if it is so required of you. Donations will go towards the general upkeep of park trails, and the conservation of local species of flora and fauna.

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Standard Safety Features

Driving off-road can often bring with it problems that, while possible, are less likely to occur while driving on sealed roads. Luckily, your extreme off-road camper trailer is equipped to handle almost any situation you can tow it into. Many modern off-road campers come standard with electronic stability control that works to correct a swerve if you lose control by gently applying breaks to your trailer increasing drag against the towing vehicle helping it to correct and drive straight.

Your camper is secure while you are out exploring the outdoors! Your home on wheels comes standard with modern electronic locking – just like any other vehicle – ensuring your things and your family are safe through the day and the night.

Many retailers will offer their own comprehensive 24-hour roadside assistance packages to their customers. Stuck in the mud? Aid is only a phone call away so you can get back on the less beaten trail on the way to your holiday destination.

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