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5 Easy Camping Meals Served on a Frisbee

September 27, 2016
5 Easy Camping Meals Served on a Frisbee

The best camping meals are the ones that you remember, not just because they are delicious, but because they are so simple you can store them away in your brain for the next trip. The best camping meals feature only a few ingredients, can be made with a limited number of tools, and give you plenty of energy for exploring.

To help you save time, we've pulled together 5 easy camping meals – covering breakfast, lunch, and dinner – for you to follow on your next camping trip. They're so easy you'll be making them from memory every trip you take.

Omelette in a zip-lock bag

Let's kick it off with a classic. If you haven't seen this done before, prepare to be amazed! Cooking an omelette in a bag is more than a gimmicky camping hack: it saves mess and time and comes out perfect every time. Watch the video below for the basics and read the full omelette in a bag recipe for everything you need to recreate this clever bit of camp cookery.

White Chia porridge with nuts, fruit, and honey

Perfect for car camping or lightweight backpacking adventures. The dry ingredients can be prepped ahead of time; the ingredients used are lightweight and low GI, and last forever (if you choose to use milk powder). Better yet, you've probably got a few of the ingredients with you already, i.e. trail mix.

Start your day full of energy: read the full white chia porridge recipe for exact measurements and method.

Campfire flatbreads

With breakfast out of the way, it's time for a hot lunch. Every camper needs an easy flatbread recipe up their sleeve, after all, there is surely nothing better than tearing hot doughy bread and smothering it with jam or dipping it fresh, hot soup. Our flatbreads are crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle – the perfect rustic campfire accompaniment.

Read the full ingredients list and get tips on kneading the dough over on the campfire flatbreads recipe page.

Easy camp quesadillas

Some recipes are so easy you can (and should) get the kids involved. Quesadillas are the perfect lunch or dinner option for car camping adventures. Experiment with fillings – you can throw whatever you like in the middle. Aussie it up with ham cheese and pineapple; save some of that jerk chicken (see recipe below) for tomorrow's lunch; or – dare I suggest it – satisfy your sweet tooth with banana and Nutella.

Watch the video and create your shopping list by reading the full quesadillas recipe. If you're looking for more kid-friendly eats, check out our list of winning kids' camping recipes.

Spicy Jerk chicken & couscous

Warm by the fire and warm up from within – Jerk chicken is jam-packed full of flavour and has plenty of kick to boot. Coupled with couscous, you've got a high protein meal with plenty of carbs for long, slow-burning energy.

This one takes some forward planning so check out the full recipe for everything you need to make the Jerk rub and watch the video learn how to cook it to perfection at your campsite.

Ramen noodle soup with assorted Japanese mushrooms

You might think that you could never do a better job than packet ramen; that there is no point trying to make it from scratch. But with some miso paste sachets, some freshly chopped spring onions and dried mushrooms, you can make a broth that's more delicious than those packets you lived off in your school days.

Watch the video and learn how to whip up this super easy, super delicious camping meal. Read the full ramen noodle soup recipe here for all the ingredients and our detailed method.

What you will need to cook all of our easy camping meals:

  • Camp stove or beer can stove

  • Billy

  • Fry pan

  • Lighter / matches

  • Tongs

  • Spatula

  • Heat-safe heavy-duty zip lock bag

  • Snap lock plastic containers for prepped ingredients

  • Spork

  • Frisbee

As you can see, cooking while camping doesn't need to feel like a chore. With these simple recipes, you can eat well and save time for exploring #aworldofoutdoors.

Got a recipe that you cook every time you go camping? Share it with us and get featured in a future video series!

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