The Gift Guide: our top five travel & adventure gifts

November 29, 2018

Oh, Christmas shopping. Love it or loathe it, we’re at that time of year where you start racking your brain, hoping that whatever you buy for your KK won't be re-boxed and given to their third cousin. We’re lucky to see a lot of top-notch products come through Base Camp, and while that makes it hard to whittle down a list, we’ve managed to pick five of the most giftable. Santa, are you listening?


Under $15: Primal Pods

Got an ultralight hiker in your life? Best not to buy them a backpack/toothbrush/fancy pair of hiking pants – they’ll just reach for the nearest pair of scissors. Best to get something that was meant to be destroyed, for example: Primal Pods. These no-cook low-carb nutrient-rich healthy-as-heck dehydrated meals are made with locally-sourced Australian produce to encourage clean eating anywhere, any time. Each meal is made up of ready-to-eat air dried protein and vegetables, similar to jerky or veggie chips. There’s pods to meet most dietary needs, from vegan to gluten free, each one as flavourful as the last - think Thai Curry and Sunday Roast. Sorry camping stove, you are dismissed.


Under $50: KABI Luxe Flask

As self-professed ‘bottle snobs’ we are keenly aware that choosing what a person will forever drink their water from is a bit like navigating a minefield. But, the new Luxe range from KABI is a pretty safe bet. These 400ml double-walled stainless steel flasks are all class. Fitting in just about any cup holder or backpack pocket, their slim profile and scant grams are spot-on for commuting, travel and short spells in the wilderness. We haven’t even gotten to the best bit. Insulated to keep water hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours, this is one bottle that we know won’t be re-gifted in 2019.


Under $60: Tscudo

When it comes to these Sydney-made sun-smart adventure tops, we’re torn about where to begin. The material is made from repurposed plastic bottles, so we’re pretty sure Mother Earth is wearing one. They offer UPF50+ protection, so you’re doing your skin all kinds of favours. They can be pretty much worn anywhere, for any activity, in and out of the water, so you can remove one more source of chronic #decisionfatigue from your life and opt to wear nothing but your Tscudo top all summer. Yep, when you end up pulling your uber-active eco-warrior mate from the Kris Kringle hat, we say: why spend all that precious nap time thinking about what to buy when the answer is right here? In white or black? With an adorable turtle logo? Hoorah.


Under $100: Seek Society Rover Travel Hammock

Speaking of more time to nap, we’re all about a product designed to let you doze no matter where you are on the map. The Seek Society Rover Travel Hammock is lightweight at under 1kg, super packable and easy to hang, so when it landed on our desks, we didn’t just see an awesome Christmas gift. We saw: hammock camping beneath the glimmer of summer’s fireflies. Rocking back and forth to the rhythm of salty breezes and twilight tides. Reflecting on the year that was, and the one to come, as the morning mist drifts through a forest of gums. We’re reluctant to admit that it’s got room for two, because frankly, we’re riding a vibe here that we’re not that keen on sharing.


Under $200: Homecamp Flatpack Firepit & Grill

When autumn rolls round on a crispy Antarctic wind, the Homecamp Flatpack Firepit & Grill will be the cause of much rubbernecking in the campground. The 6kg compact unit is built for road trips, and its handy carry bag means you can walk it into the campground without busting a lung. As important as what it will do (cook yummo smokey bbq, keep you warm, make friends envious) is what it won't do (leave nasty fire scars on the ground). A true champion of Leave No Trace principles, the raised, semi-enclosed design complete with drop tray ensures there’ll be nothing but memories to show for your campfire escapades.

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