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Canoeing & Kayaking - Books & DVDs 

September 24, 2015
Canoeing & Kayaking - Books & DVDs

Like any sport or recreational activity, there is a huge range of literature and films out there about canoeing and kayaking. Books and films cover a variety of topics and a have a range of different purposes. Some books are guides to paddling in a certain location; a particular DVD might be filmed with the intention of teaching those new to the sport how to paddle, or to teach experienced paddlers a new discipline.

Below you will find a list of some of the popular forms of media that canoers and kayakers use to perfect their craft and to get out there and explore new locations.

Guide Books

Kayaking and canoeing experts often take it upon themselves to share their knowledge with other enthusiasts. Guide books are a tried and true format for sharing this knowledge, using helpful written content accompanied by visual aids. A guide book might provide specific information about an area; that are can be wither very wide, such as a guide to kayaking in Tasmania, or could be more specific, dedicated to a certain area of a river that has a lot of different options for white water kayakers. Either way guide books usually provide visual aid in the form of photographs and maps. Maps will usually outline points of interest in the area and make known local amenities that paddlers make use of.

Before you go kayaking in a new area, make sure take the local’s advice with you in the form of a comprehensive guide book.

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Some of the greatest stories in history have been written about paddling along the water. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and those of Tom Sawyer are two that spring to mind, following the adventures of young boys as they made their way down river. You can see and experience a lot from the seat of a canoe - experiences that translate beautifully to the page.

Photography Books

You have a unique perspective of the world viewed from the seat of your kayak or canoe. Wildlife photographers in particular use paddling as a means of getting closer to their furry and feathered subjects without disturbing them and so capturing amazing stills inspiring others to take to the water.

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Films are made about kayaking and canoeing for a number of reasons, following a range of formats. Some intend to be educational, acting in a similar way to a guide book, with video tutorials on how to perform certain manoeuvres. Others take you on a virtual tour of an area. Some films on the other hand, are simply made to be beautiful films with kayaking and canoeing as their subject. Canoers and kayakers spend a great deal of time in nature, and so often have a close connection with their surrounding environment. What better way to teach people about wildlife and the environment that by cruising quietly along a secluded waterway, camera in hand.

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