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How to Cook an Omelette in a Bag

February 19, 2016

Everyone hates having to clean while camping, and the more water and detergent you can save the better. This camping recipe is perfect for any adventure, whether you are car camping, backpacking, or hiking through the mountains.

And like any good camping recipe, all it takes to cook an omelette in a bag is a little bit of prep at home before you leave.

How to cook an omelette in a bag on your camping trip

For this Recipe you will need:

  • 6 x eggs

  • 1 x plastic container

  • 1 x camp stove (or grill / stand for boiling water over an open fire)

  • 1 x billy or pot

  • 1 x (heat-safe) heavy-duty zip-lock bag

  • 1 x tomato (diced)

  • 50g grated cheese

  • salt

  • pepper

  • chives (optional).

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Prepare at home before you leave:

Crack eggs into a plastic bottle or container and pack with your gear. Leave egg shells for the bin at home and save your gear, and yourself, the hassle of cleaning an eggy mess down the trail.

At the campsite:

Light your camp stove and crank it up to full blast. (We're using an MSR camp stove which is super lightweight and easy to use, and doesn't rely on one-use fuel canisters).

Bring a full pot of water to the boil.

Shake your bottle or container to whip the eggs and pour into a food-safe, heavy-duty zip-lock bag. Make sure that the bag you are using is safe for cooking in boiling water.

Add your choice of filling: we’re using diced tomatoes, grated cheese, salt and pepper and fresh chives.

Give it a shake to mix your ingredients.

Squeeze all air out of the bag so that it will sink, seal carefully, and add it to the boiling water.

Pop the lid on and wait approximately ten minutes – or until the egg has set completely.

Open the bag carefully avoiding the steam, and squeeze out onto your Frisbee (or plate if you roll that way), ready to eat.

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