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Campfire Quesadillas: recipes for campers who can't cook

July 27, 2016

The best recipes are like formulas: they can be remade over and over, tweaked slightly each time to create a different experience altogether.

Quesadillas are beautifully simple. Of course, if you were to make fresh tortillas they are a bit more complicated, but we’re camping so we’re cheating and using ready made soft tacos instead.

The best thing about this recipe is that anyone can make it – even the kids can have a go at building their own quesadillas.

Use this recipe as a starting point and get out there and create your own versions using your favourite fillings.

How to make campfire quesadillas on your camping trip

For this camping recipe you will need:

  • 1 x camp stove

  • 1 x skillet

  • 1 x spork

  • 1 x spatula

  • 1 x pack of soft tacos (or small tortillas)

  • 1 x can chopped tomatoes

  • 1 x can of Mexican beans (or black beans)

  • 1 x packet of grated cheese

  • cayenne pepper

  • salt

  • pepper

  • rice bran oil

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Prepare at home before you leave

This step is optional, but if you are trying to cut down the amount of weight you are carrying on your trip, it’s a good idea to combine your beans and tomatoes at home before you leave.

Mix them together in an air-tight plastic container and add them to your Esky or cooler bag the day before you leave, saving time and mess at the campsite.

At the campsite

  1. First things first, get organised. This recipe is much easier when you have all your ingredients laid out ready to go.

  2. Remove your soft tacos from their packet, take the lid off your bean / tomato mix and pop your spork in ready. Open the bag of melted cheese, and sit your seasoning on the side. The reason we are doing this is that quesadillas cook fast! You’re going to need to move fairly quickly to get the perfect end product.

  3. Now, light your stove (we're using an MSR Whisperlite stove) and if you can, keep at the lowest temperature possible. Our pan gets very hot, very quickly, so we like to keep it as low as possible to allow the quesadillas to cook slower and get that cheese melted.

  4. Once the pan is hot, drizzle about a teaspoon of oil in the pan and spread it evenly over the surface.

    add oil to the pan so your quesdillas don t stick
  5. Lay your first tortilla in the pan and immediately spoon the bean / tomato mix onto one side, just enough to create a layer. Try to keep it in from the edges if you can.

    add a quesdilla to the pan to start warming through

    add your mexican bean and tomato mix to your quesdilla to one side
  6. Sprinkle the whole tortilla with cheese, dust with cayenne pepper (lots if you like it spicy, and season with salt and pepper.

    add some cheese to your campfire quesadillas

    add spice mix cayenne pepper and paprika to your campfire quesadillas
  7. By the time you have added the ingredients, it should be time to fold the tortilla in half. Slide your spatula under cheesy side and fold it over onto the beans.

  8. Press down firmly to help the cheese melt, and flip the quesadilla to evenly brown both sides.

    flip your quesadilla to toas the other side before serving on a frisbee
  9. Once golden and the cheese is melted, set aside on your Frisbee (or plate) and get ready to cook the others.

    Campfire quesadillas   camping recipes for campers who can t cook

You can cook these one at a time and eat them hot, or set aside while you cook the others. Just make sure to wipe the pan clean each time to prevent them sticking.

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