Why You Should Take a Bike Next Time You Go Camping!

May 19, 2015
Why You Should Take a Bike Next Time You Go Camping!

Tent – tick.

Inflatable mattress – tick.

Camping chair – tick.

Bike – tick… hang on… what??

Taking a bike along with you for your camping trip might not be the first logical thing you think of, but it can be a huge practical advantage for you, not to mention a great way to get around and see the sights.

Below are five great reasons to strap the bike to the car and make it part of your trip.

1. The grocery run

One of the most annoying things is finding the perfect camping spot, unpacking the car, getting yourself set up, and then realising you forgot the bread or milk or another essential item…and to make it worse the nearest grocery store is 5km away. Much too far to walk! Aside from going hungry the only option is to pack everything up and head down the road. Well not if you have brought your bike along with you. You can simply throw a leg over and be up and back in no time.

2. See more

Walking can only take you so far – you might be able to cover 3-4km per hour if you walk, on a bike you could be easily cover 20km or more. Some places you will go will have 50km or more of trails to explore, there’s no way you will be able to cover that on foot. So don’t limit your sight-seeing to where you can walk: take a bike and see a little more.

3. Mix it up

You could of see everything by walking or traveling in the car, but having a bike by your side gives you another option. Generally you won’t go camping for one or two days, it will be a longer trip or an adventure lasting weeks or months. Having the bike there will give you another option to explore the area and break up the other experiences like walking, paddling, SUPing. Why limit yourself to one activity? Camping is all about exploring and adventure, so get involved in as many activities as possible.

4. It’ll even carry your bags for you

A very often overlooked bonus of riding a bike is that it serves as a storage unit as well. It can carry two, sometimes three water bottles. You can attach packs on to it to store another set of clothes or food. You can even add a small seat and take your kids with you. Imagine carrying all of those things on your shoulders or in your hands! No thanks!

5. It doesn’t take up space

You may at first think adding a bike to your already full to the brim car or caravan is a waste of space. But you would be surprised how little room they actually take up. On almost any bike, you can quickly and easily take off both wheels and the seat. This will create a flat object that can be stored on top or on the side of your car or caravan. You can even get bikes that fold down into almost nothing. They may not have the durability of a standard bike but they will serve you very well for all of the above mentioned advantages.

Bikes nowadays are affordable and come in every size and shape you can imagine. There is a style for everyone and you don’t have to be an experienced rider to take advantage of everything the bike has to offer. So take one on your next adventure and you can thank us later.

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