The 'City Built by Gold' - Heritage Walks of Ballarat

November 26, 2015
The 'City Built by Gold' - Heritage Walks of Ballarat


Image Credit: Tony Evans Photography

It’s crazy to think that if Ballarat been closer to the ocean, it could very well have been the capital city of Victoria.

On the back of the Gold Rush in the mid-1850’s, Ballarat’s population exploded along with growth of the town, even exceeding that of Melbourne. Ballarat became a ‘Boomtown’ with two-thirds of Australia’s population making their way to Ballarat in the search for gold.

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The abundance of gold helped create a wealthy town full of opulent dwellings and lavish streetscapes. Huge statues made from Italian marble still adorn the streets today, as do countless classic brick and bluestone buildings.

Statue with dog

The town is full of history and we found the best way to hear the walls talk was to go on a journey with Andrew from Ballarat Heritage Tours.

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The Gold Rush and the Eureka Stockade are the two most well-known pieces of Ballarat’s history but there is so much more. Ballarat were the first town outside a capital city to build an art gallery, highlighting the civic mindset of its people. Royalty made regular trips to Ballarat as did famous American author Mark Twain.

Ballarat is known as ‘the city built by gold’, and hides remarkable tales of wealth and prosperity that will leave you wanting to know more.

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