Australia's Best Beaches - New South Wales

October 20, 2015
Australia's Best Beaches - New South Wales

The team at Outdoria could not be happier that summer is on its way. That was a long winter and it's time to hit the beach and soak up some sand, surf, sun(screen) and coastal beach times. Enjoy our latest series of best beaches in Australia with this impressive list from New South Wales.

Be sure to let us know which beaches we have missed and why you think they should have been top of our list!

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Durras North Beach

This beach lies north of Bateman’s Bay and is a decent drive through thick bush. That’s a bonus, as it helps make it fairly secluded when compared to a lot of other options in the area.

Just quietly – there is awesome fishing at the lake entrance, and night time prawning is a must-do with the kids. Walk about a km down the beach and find a big cave that’s great for some adventurous-feeling exploring, or continue on your feet for another km where you’ll reach the end of the beach, but find a crystal cove.

This beach is postcard perfect. Think white sand, the clearest of water and plenty of great snorkelling options. Bliss

Tallow Beach Byron Bay

Tallow Beach is just over three km from Byron and like so much of this area, it looks like it's all about boarding, surfing, or doing absolutely totally nothing. Just be mindful of the strong rips and currents that can affect this coastline.

Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is a marine playground offering white water rafting and scuba diving as well as the more traditional activities surfing and swimming.

There are plenty of options for those looking to find a wave. The swell around the point breaks can get very large, while protected areas of the coastline provide the perfect setting for those new to surfing.

For the active folk looking for adventure, you can either stay dry and check out the Dorrigo National Park or get wet in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Away from the beaches there are endless playgrounds, shops and restaurants to enjoy.

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Pambula Beach

Many a generation of families has no doubt pulled their caravan into the local caravan park and set up for a summer of fun here.

This is one of those classic coastal areas that has a fairly modest local population, which goes absolutely gangbusters over summer holidays. But what makes this area so great is that there are actually three beaches to help handle the swell in numbers – Pambula Beach, otherwise known as Main Beach, Lions Beach and then the River Mouth.

Main Beach is where the bulk of the crowd goes and no wonder – it’s classic Aussie big sandy beaches and great surf makes it a sensational location to catch a wave. Lions Beach has a BBQ area, making it good for the lunch time and dinner swims. River Mouth doesn’t have much swell at all.

Treachery Beach

Why the name? Treachery beach is known for its many strong and large rips, plus the common sighting of sharks. Surfers also know this beach as Yagon and waves average around the 1.6m mark but can get above 2m if the conditions are right.

There’s camping at the nearby Treachery Camp and the area can be reached by vehicle. Fishing is popular along the 2km beach thanks to deep gutters that attract whiting, flathead and bream.

Bondi Beach

Without doubt the most iconic beach of New South Wales, and potentially all of Australia.

Bondi Beach attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors all year round and has spawned the hugely successfully TV show 'Bondi Rescue', which follows the daily exploits of the Bondi Lifeguards. The Surf Life Saving club has been a part of Bondi since 1906 making it the oldest in Australia.

There is something for everyone at Bondi. The fitness fanatics can be seen running along the top of the beach from 6am every day, surfers take advantage of the good waves and there are lots of quieter spots for families.

The famous beach is a beacon for events. The City to Surf finishes at Bondi every year, back-packers set up here for Christmas lunch by the beach, revellers watch the NYE fireworks from the shore, even during winter the stretch of sand plays host to the Winter Magic Festival.

Fashion, art, food and famous faces are all part of the unique tapestry that make up Bondi. If you visit New South Wales, you have to spend a day at Bondi.

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Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads is at the very top of New South Wales bordering Queensland. Visitors to the area are spoilt for choice, a stone's throw away are some of Queensland's beaches including Coolangatta, Bilinga and Palm Beach.

Tweed Heads is extremely popular with surfers thanks to the large swell and quality surf. The 'Tweed' stretches across over 30km of coastline and there are numerous places to surf, swim and fish.

There are many caravan parks in the area and it is generally quieter than its northern cousin on the Gold Coast.

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