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7 Camping Hacks You Will Actually Use 

March 22, 2016

Camping is all about making the most of what you’ve got. It’s about saving weight, recycling, and finding ways that you can use equipment for more than just one job (we’re pretty sure the sporknife was invented this way…). Camping hacks are really just examples of good camping.

On a recent camping trip to the Cathedral Range State Park we decided to put a few tried and true hacks to the test. Here are 8 of our favourite camping hacks that you will actually use on your next camping trip.

1. Frisbee plate

Picture this: after a lazy game of afternoon Frisbee, (already winning) you sit down for some soft tacos, but you notice that the filling is sliding dangerously towards the edge of the tortilla… With lightening reflexes, your buddy flicks the lightweight plastic disk in your direction, it slides effortlessly through the air to meet your hand stopping the gloopy combination of tinned tomatoes and black beans from adding one more stain to your hiking pants. Phew.

The Frisbee: hours of lightweight fun — plate — pant-saver.

You will need: a Frisbee, and a friend who’s got your back.

frisbee plate camping hack

2. Bread clip clothes pegs

Tired of your clothes flying away in the wind and ending up in trees on your camping trip? Well it’s a good thing you remembered to save all of those bread bag clips for the last few weeks, isn’t it? Old clips will do just fine, that is, unless someone has snapped off one side to use as flicky finger-missiles. That’s another hack altogether (and not related to camping).

You will need: (whole) bread bag clips, clothesline / rope.

bread clip cloths peg camping hack

3. DIY waterproof matchbox

For some reason, matches are still sold in cardboard containers with an obvious weakness to water. Protect your matches by stowing them in a snap-lock container. Grab some scissors and cut the match-lighty strip from the side of the matchstick box and glue it to the inside lid of the snap-lock container.

You will need: plastic container, matchstick box, scissor, glue / double-sided tape.

diy waterproof match box container camping hack

If you need some professionally made camping gear, look no further...

4.Water bottle ice packs

You’re starting to see a trend here: useful camping hacks are all about preparation. This one will require some foresight — so get some.

A couple of nights before you plan to leave, fill large plastic water bottles with water and freeze them. Store them in your Esky the night before you leave to cool it down, helping to keep your food fresh for longer. And the great thing about ice is that it is in fact just frozen water, so you can drink these once they’ve melted.

You will need: water bottles, water, freezer, foresight.

water bottle ice packs hack

5. Unbreakable egg shells

Okay so that title might be a little misleading. But this hack will save you the misery of broken eggs while camping. Never again shall you clean your esky or backpack of broken-shell, gloopy, yolky mess. The night before you leave, crack eggs into a water bottle or resealable container that does not leak. A quick shake and you can have scrambled eggs or even a plastic bag omelette, faster than you can say “I wish I hadn’t brought this carton of eggs camping.”

You will need: eggs (shelled), plastic container, foresight.

unbreakable egg shells camping hack

6. Head torch + water bottle = lantern

For some tent ambiance, strap that head torch to a large bottle of water. Just make sure it’s facing inwards otherwise people will think you’ve finally gone mad.

You will need: head torch (charged or with batteries), water bottle, water.

head torch water bottle lantern camping hack

7.. Mints tin mini first aid kit

Eat the mints (or donate them to someone who needs them more), and use that little sealed space to make a pocket-sized first aid kit! Throw in a couple of band aids, a needle, some thread, a couple of tablets of Panadol, and anything else you might find handy out on your camping trip.

You will need: mints tin, band aids, thread + needle, pain-relief tablets, etc.

mint tin first aid kit camping hack

We hope you find these excellent camping hacks useful. Why not let us know your favourite hacks for camping? We love to hear the creative ways that campers re-purpose their gear to save time and space in the great outdoors, and impress their friends with their ingenuity.

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