5 Reasons Why Camping is Better with an RV

June 30, 2017
5 Reasons Why Camping is Better with an RV

You’re a pretty good camper: you’ve got all the kit, a great tent, portable stove and chairs; basically everything you need to live in the great outdoors. And while we certainly won’t tell you not to camp this way, we thought we’d suggest that you can have your tent and experience the outdoors in a recreational vehicle, too.

For starters it’s important to note that the term RV (recreational vehicle) refers to a huge range of vehicles and outdoor living options. There are caravans, camper trailers, pop-tops, Expandas, toy haulers, motorhomes and campervans to name just a few. Some have tents incorporated into them already, and some are large enough to pitch one on the roof, or even within the camper itself (why you would do that we have no idea, but hey, you could).

1. Transportation

Unless you live within hiking distance of some seriously good campsites or you only pitch the tent in your back yard (cheating), you probably have to drive to your camping destination. Just like your current vehicle, your new RV is available in 4WD and off-road capable models and can still fit all the camping kit you currently use in the back. Some RV’s such as motorhomes and campervans are even capable of towing the boat or another small runabout vehicle, so if you’re thinking you’ll have to sacrifice manoeuvrability, think again.

Now that you have multiple sleeping options, the kids can have the tent and you can sleep indoors in the comfort of your RV. Campervans are a great choice for a compact and affordable option that lend themselves to ‘no frills’ camping while getting you from A to B and tackling the rough stuff along the way.

2. Comfort

Even if you have all the kit in the world for camping, it’s fairly unlikely that you will ever be as warm and cosy as you can be in an RV. Modern recreational vehicles come with a range of heating options, running off either the battery, an external generator or by being hooked up to power at a registered campsite. Larger RVs such as caravans include all of the amenities you will need while staying overnight in the great outdoors.

3. Food

It certainly is possible to slow rotisserie a bird to perfect wood smokin’ perfection over an open fire, but try and whip up a soufflé and it’s likely to flop. Modern RVs come with gas hobs and full size ovens so even if you are in the outdoors for Christmas, someone can turn the bird while someone else attends to some pretty ambitious and delicious cooking in the European styled kitchen.

4. Safety

If the proper precautions are taken, camping in the great outdoors is a perfectly safe activity for the whole family. An RV, with its modern electronic central locking systems and road side assistance packages will only help to set your mind at ease. If you do get in to trouble, knowing that vehicle services are just a quick phone call away gives you great peace of mind on your adventure.

5. Time

You’ve found your site, the drive has been thoroughly enjoyable (many games of “I Spy” were played), and you are excited to get out and explore. But first, you’ve got to set everything up. Many of us only get so much time off each year to go exploring: you want to make the most of it. The more time you have on your holiday to chill, the better you will feel about heading home when it’s over. An RV gives you time. No longer do you have to spend it picking sites, setting up tents and building fires. You can just park up, pop the roof or extend the tent sections and put your feet up. You’ll be amazed at how much less stressful camping is with an RV…especially when the kids are yelling at you to take them to the river already.

Don’t get rid of the tent just yet, camping is an awesome experience for so many reasons. There is a style of camping to suit every destination. Why not give them all a go?

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