20 Essential Glamping Gadgets for Creature Comfort Campers

October 21, 2016
20 Essential Glamping Gadgets for Creature Comfort Campers

It might be you or it might be your friend who brings the queen-sized chiro-approved blow-up mattress on every camping trip. Either way, there is a good chance your campsite is already more glamorous than you think.

Glamping or ‘comfortable camping’ as the guys over at Glamp My Camp like to call it, is really just camping with a few more of the creature comforts you wouldn’t normally expect to enjoy when sleeping in a tent. And whether you find the idea intriguing or you think it's for campers who simply can’t handle the rough stuff, truth is, you’re probably already doing it (a bit).

We at Outdoria think there are some serious lessons to be learned from these self-proclaimed glampers. They enjoy freshly brewed coffee every morning. They utilise amazing collapsible accessories to save space and pack-weight. They cook their steaks medium-rare every time and keep the mozzies away from bare arms and legs without a spray can in sight.

If you’d like to be able to do all that and more, check out our top 20 list of essential glamping gadgets for creature comfort campers – and everyone else.

Coleman LPG Coffee Maker

Coleman LPG portable coffee maker

If you’re anywhere near as passionate about your morning cup of coffee as we are, you’re already ordering this portable coffee maker. For too long, Aussie campers have put up with freeze-dried instant, if only for the slight lift it gives the eyelids at first light. Now you can sit quietly, eyes resting while your magnificent coffee machine prepares ten cups of delicious, freshly-brewed black gold for you / you and your mates.

SCANPAN Spectrum 6-Piece Knife Set

ScanPan spectrum six piece knife set

The only knife block you’ll ever need on your travels does away with the block reducing weight and saving space. These high-carbon, non-stick stainless knives come with individual sheaths for safety and longevity, plus a cutting board and sharpener. Scanpan’s non-stick coating is applied to their cookware range to make them last longer and easier to clean.

Mannagum Portable Clothesline

mannagum portable clothesline 4 arm

“You just string up some rope between two trees,” he said. “Hang ‘em over the guy ropes,” he said before the added weight of his sodden towel collapsed the tent in the night.

We appreciate Aussie ingenuity as much as the next person, but it’s about time we all started hanging the washing out properly. This four-arm washing line from Mannagum is made from lightweight aluminium and pegs into the ground to keep your towels from ending up on the neighbour’s car windshield.

The Bar10der Multi-tool

Bartending multi tool 10 piece

Ever wanted to mix a couple of mojitos in the heat of the Simpson Desert but lacked the means of muddling those limes? Well, now you'll have every bartending tool you need to make delicious cocktails at your campsite. The Bar10der is like a regular multi-tool, except every tool in this guy's belt is dedicated to serving up stylish, delicious alcoholic beverages (and virgin sodas for the kids).

Brabantia Collapsible Laundry Basket

Brabantia collapsible laundry basket for camping

When it comes to camping, everything should be collapsible. If we could get a car that collapsed into a briefcase, we’d buy it, probably. This washing basket is perfect for extended trips and weekend getaways; it packs down for easy transportation and makes a stylish addition to your campsite.

Neoflam 'Midas' 9-Piece Cookware Set

Neoflam Midas 9 piece cookware camping set

Sticking with the theme of ‘space-saving’, this non-stick pot and pan set from Neoflam is the babooshka you never knew you needed. Doing away with handles means they actually fit inside one another perfectly. The clip on handle works with the two pots and two pans and the addition of two glass lids will encourage you to get adventurous with your camp cooking.

Mozzigear Kids Mosquito Wrist Bands

Mozigear kids mosquito bands

Ever wondered why mozzies seem to bite you more than others? Us too (we even wrote an article on that very topic), but with Mozzigear mosquito repellent bands, you – and the kids – won’t have to.

Kids aren't the only ones who dislike the feeling and smell of chemical-based Deet repellents on their skin. These fun and colourful wristbands are available in a huge range of colours and sizes suitable for adults as well. There's even a glow-in-the-dark version.

Mozzies hate 'em: you’ll love 'em.

Man LawDigital BBQ Tongs

ManLaw digital BBQ tongs for camping 1

"Mmm, there’s nothing like the smell of dad burning the steak," said no one ever.

Man Law has the solution to dad's tendency to cook everything well-done: digital BBQ tongs. Who thought tongs could be improved? Man Law did, so they ingeniously added a meat thermometer to their stainless steel tongs. And better yet, dad doesn’t even need to know what temperature a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak should be because he’s got 7 pre-loaded meat types to choose from - and he can choose how he likes each type cooked. And then they beep at him when the meat is cooked perfectly!

"I’LL TAKE 10!"

Bucket in a Bag

Bucket in a bag collapsible camping bucket

A bucket that's a bag. A bag that's a bucket? Sold.

Dometic Food Vacuum Sealer

Dometic food vacuum sealer

One of the greatest challenges anyone faces on their camping adventures is how to keep all that delicious food fresh for the duration. And because no one wants to spend all their time cooking while camping, it’s ideal if you can make eat leftovers last for at least a couple of extra meals.

Enter the Dometic vacuum sealer. Not only does this handy glamping gadget seal food perfectly, but you can just as easily use it to store valuables like your phone and keys in a waterproof, airtight bag; perfect for beachside camping.

Drinks to Go Six Pack Bottle Carrier

Drinks to Go Six pack bottle carrier

Leave the cardboard in the recycling bin and carry your beers in this reusable six-pack beer bottle carrier. Made from the same stuff as wetsuits, stow these in with the surf gear to surprise everyone with a cool refreshment at the end of the day’s session. And when you’re all done, just throw it in the washing machine to keep it from smelling of beer, ready for the next outing.

Caribee Toiletry Wrap

Caribee toiletry wrap 2

Everyone needs a toiletry bag and Caribee (being one of the best bag brands going around) has made the perfect one for camping. The Toiletry Wrap maximises storage space but keeps things compact when bundled up. Hang it from door or a nearby tree (if you’re lucky enough to bathe al fresco without scaring the neighbours). With Caribee’s 3-year guarantee you know it’s quality.

Chef’n Sleekstore Collapsible Colander

Chef n sleekstor small collapsible collander

Colander 2.0. Nuff said.

Fuel Bento Lunch Box

Fuel Bento Lunch box

We love a classic sanga as much as the next camper, but that doesn’t mean we want them for lunch forever. The Fuel bento box is inspired by Japanese packed lunches: fill the individual compartments with meat, rice, veggies, crackers, carrot sticks with dip – anything! It all stays fresher for longer in a bento box.

Mannagum Folding Picnic Table

Mannagum wooden folding picnic table

The dinner table is where the family comes together to share stories about the day; your picnic table should fulfill the same role outdoors. The Magnum folding picnic table adds a touch of class to your campsite with fir wood seats and tabletop.

Toucan Shop Striped Hammock

Toucan shop striped hammock

We love these colourful and comfortable hammocks from Toucan Shop, not only for the absolute sense of relaxation they give you when you lie down but because they are made from 100% cotton, sourced and manufactured under fair trade principles.

Caribee Collapsible Water Container

caribee collapsible water container

We're all about the collapsibles (in case you hadn’t noticed)! This innovative water container from Caribee is no exception to the rule. Fill it as much or as little as you need and when you’re done, pack it down for easy transportation.

Caution: using as a refillable wine cask may void the product warranty.

Trudeau Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

Trudeau beer bottle opener w bottle cap catcher

Even the most careful campers can leave a trace by mistake, missing a single bottle cap pressed into the earth. Never again will you have to worry about having left any caps at your site: the Trudeau bottle opener catches them for you.

Banana Storage Bag

Banana storage bag

Of all the ridiculous one-job gadgets we’ve seen, this one might be the most useful. Bananas are one of the best high-energy snacks for camping but it’s impossible to make them last – especially when they’re stored in your esky. The banana bag solves this long-endured problem by sealing them in a controlled environment which preserves the bananas freshness, preventing them from turning to mush before breakfast.

Coleman 'All-in-One' Portable Sink

All in One portable sink

Let’s be honest, one of the great pains-in-the-butt of camping is washing up. Coleman has come through again with a great design making washing the dishes a fun bearable experience. Complete with 9.4L water container, 4.7L sink, drying rack and battery powered hose, this portable sink takes the hass out of dishes and stacks away neatly at the end of the day.

We hope you've been in inspired by these innovative glamping gadgets to get out there and camp smarter. Glamp My Camp stocks only the best camping accessories and equipment to help you enjoy the outdoors with at least some of the comforts of home.

Shop Glamp My Camp's full range and check out their website for more info.

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