1. Chassis manufactured from Australian 3mm blue steel (not 2.5 cheap import) Advantage - high quality and extra strength for rough road travelling.

  2. Chassis is hot galvanised dipped inside and out (not just cold gal sprayed) Advantage- worry free long term ownership with next to no maintenance whatsoever and no deterioration.

  3. All Chassis crossbeams are full box sections (not just open H Section) Advantage – extra strength and the ultimate floor support.

  4. 27mm fibreglass sandwich panel roof no exterior joints. Advantage – perfect clean flat appearance, no roof water pools, avoiding unnecessary water leaks, also helps protect against hail damage.

  5. Aluminium riveted frame 300mm apart. Advantage – no wood rot, no maintenance, lighter and stronger.

  6. Interior ceiling height 6’6 Advantage – more interior head room which avoids bumping against air conditioner, Roof hatches and other interior fittings.

  7. Extra-large fibreglass shower cubicle (in full caravan only) Advantage – plenty of head and shoulder room to shower in comfort.

  8. All cupboards fitted with high quality positive locks. Advantage – avoids cupboard doors from opening whilst travelling over rough and corrugated roads which spills your contents all over your van.

  9. Furniture and walls are manufactured from high quality poly ply Advantage – ease of cleaning and water and stain resistant.

  10. Bench tops and tables and main divider walls are made of lightweight ply boards (not press board or chipboard) Advantage – extra strength, long life jeopardy will not fall apart or expand when wet.

  11. All appliances wired separately with legally approved wiring. Advantage – no risk of fire and avoids multi appliance failure.

  12. All wiring passes through the aluminium in nylon bushes. Advantage – avoids chaffing of the wires in long- term ownership which lead to electrical failures that are very expensive to repair.

  13. Aluminium Composite Panel Smooth strong aluminium exterior walls. Advantage – extra strength, harder to dent and easier to keep clean.

  14. Water tanks have galvanised protectors. Advantage – avoids tanks and outlets being damaged by sharp objects when travelling on dirt roads.

  15. Led lights for full interior and exterior Advantage – gives of brighter lights and uses less power.

  16. All vans are fitted with superior cruisemaster independent suspension. Advantage – gives your van a much better ride and is able to absorb the shock of pot holes and corrugations which can lead to unnecessary damage of your van.

  17. Off-road vans are fitted with galvanised under floor sheeting Advantage – protects your floor against sharp stone damage and protects against water damage, keeping your floor strong and dry. Note: Specifications may change at any time without notice, due to continuous improvement.

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