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Water Filter 10? GA Carbon

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The Aquacube® Outdoor Shower Stand is ideal for the campsite, beach house or your next outdoor adventure. Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble, it is designed for use with Aquacube® Digital and Logic models. It can also be used with other portable water pumps and connects directly to a standard garden hose.

Adjustable shower head
Inline water flow control
Quick connect fitting for attachment to Aquacube®
Camp Shower
Easy to operate and set up
Height adjustable
Compact and lightweight

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: Other
  • Category: RV Water Filters
  • Gender: Unisex
  • ID: 100055807


High chlorine, taste & odour reduction
Long Life
High Flow with Low Micron Rating
Sweet tasting, pure fresh water
No release of carbon fines
Removal of VOC and heavy metal from water supply
Decreases COD and BOD
Purification of MSG
Low pressure drop
1 micron filtration
Meets the requirements of the FDA for food and beverage contact
All materials used are NFS approved – food grade standards


Ideal for residential and food service applications where improving the taste of water is the primary objective.


Apparent Density 0.45-0.50g/ml
Hardness approx 98%
Surface Area approx 1000m sq/g
Maximum Differential Pressure: 7Kg/cm2
Collapse Pressure: 14Kg/cm2

Production rate 10 Lpm for best results.
Organic Chlorine Over 95%
Herbicides Over 95%
Pesticides Over 95%
DDT Over 95%
Endrin Over 95%
Lindane Over 95%
Aldrin Over 95%
Benzene Over 95%
VOCs Over 95%
Arizin Over 95%
Phenol Over 95%
Trihalomethanes Over 95%
Toxaphene Over 95%
Dichloromethane Over 95%
Chloroform Over 95%
Trichlorethylene Over 95%
Perchlorethylene Over 95%
Tannic Acids Over 95%

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