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Smith's Sharpeners Smith's Knife Care Cleaning & Maintenance Kit w/ Sharpness Tester

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Knife Care
The term "knife care" involves more than just knowing how to put a razor sharp edge on your blades.
After using your knife, it is a good practice to clean and dry the entire knife, (handle included). Even for highest quality blades that are made with premium corrosion-resistant stainless steels, prolonged exposure to the elements can cause the steel's surface to oxidize. Salt water, dirt, chemicals and foreign matter etc if left uncleaned will all start to eventually eat away at the steel. Folding knives should be kept clean of debris, particularly the locking device on lock-blade knives.

A well-maintained quality knife will generally provide a lifetime of reliable service
?Keep your knife dry - the entire knife, not just the blade.
Keep your knife clean - especially moving parts and locking devices on folding knives.
Keep your knife oiled - especially pivot points and the blade.
Keep your knife sharp - A sharp blade is safer to use than a dull one.?


CAUTION: Always use extreme care when handling edged tools and never test sharpness on any part of your body. 

1. Place the tester at a 45° angle on a flat, sturdy surface.

2. Hold the blade vertical and gently rest the cutting edge on the round rod. Using only the weight of the cutting tool, a sharp edge will bite into the rod and not move. A dull edge will slide down the rod. 

3. Continue checking full length of cutting edge by picking the blade up and setting it down at ¼? intervals. DO NOT PULL THE BLADE ACROSS THE ROD TO CHECK SHARPNESS. 

Testing blades with a grind on just one side of the blade: (such as chisels, planes, scissors, tanto knives, etc.)

Use the same instructions above just make sure the side of the blade with the grind is facing away from the round rod. 

Testing fish hooks and pointed tools: 

1. Gently rest the point of the hook on the round rod and lightly drag it across the surface of the rod.  If the point of the hook bites the rod, it is sharp. If it slides down the rod, it is dull.

NOTE: Periodically, the round rod should be rotated to maintain a smooth surface during testing. 

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Smith's Knife Care Kit includes:
Multi-Purpose solution 29.5ml - can be used as honing oil, rust preventer, or lubricant for moving knife parts 
?Sharpness tester
Two micro-fiber polishing cloths
Two foam swab sticks for cleaning inside knife handle
Nylon storage pouch

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Smith's Sharpeners Smith's Knife Care Cleaning & Maintenance Kit w/ Sharpness Tester

Now $27.50 $36.50

FREE shipping within Australia over $100.00
Buy online


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